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I've got 3 amps grounded to a dist block. A cap grounded to a seperate ground. And the battery ground was upgraded to the engine block. I have a 160amp alternator with upgraded power wire to battery. Should I also have a ground wire between battery and chasis? or chasis and engine block?

When getting out of the car, I get zapped // touching the metal of the door.

I'm upgrading another amp to a pcx2400(1600rms) and I don't want to go into cardiac arrest getting out of the car from all the stored voltage on the frame.

There is no "stored voltage" on the frame. Depending on what you are wearing and what your seats are covered in, you will build up a static charge from you moving on the seat. When you touch the door, the potential that you built up equalizes with the car. It is normal and has zero to do with your system.

yea I get shocked too - but I'm working with one 65x4 amp. however, it's always happened, even before I had the amp, so like helo said - really doesn't have anything to do with the amp

LEts see... the whole metal body of your car is most likely grounded. Wherever your batteries negative cable goes to most likely makes contact with the chassis, or is to the chassis in one way or another. This is true whether you have upgraded wires, electronics, etc. (unless its a special case). What kind of shock are you getting? It could simply be static shock, but that shouldnt be a result of your amps/accessories... If its more that a static shock, then im not sure, thats odd..

Do those little rubber (?) strips hanging off the back of the vehicle that drag on the ground work ? 'Static Strips' I think ? Never tried them yet. The little lady complains about getting shocked constantly, ahd she has cloth seats.

- Steve

Every car I have ever had has shocked me at one time or another. It was worse during cold weather and when humidity was low. Hmmm, same conditions that lead to static buildup.
It's static electricty, trust me.
Totally right... Heres what ya do to not get shocked, make a habit or touching the metal with you touching your key before you get out, depending if you have metal door handles or whatever, it will discharge the static with no shock to you... I dunno if you'll understand what i'm saying sooo heres what i mean, you holding keys w/ hand with the tip of a key sticking out, touch tip of key to bare metal (possibly door handle) or if the door is open, the latch pin or something... No big deal, just normal stuff, STATIC, just like walking around carpet w/ just socks... Most any car these days have a negative ground system, if it were electrocuting people, i'm sure they wouldn't use it anymore, and BTW, even a positive ground setup won't do jack to you.

I have cloth seats too.

I get shocked about every other day.

I thought it might've been my system too.

Some times when I get out and put my key to the trunk lock to open it, I can see the blue spark come from my trunk and touch my key. It's kinda weird/odd.

I just hope it doesnt do that while I'm pumping gas. I've seen many times on the news where people were pumping gas, and then the spark from the static electricity came and set them on fire.

So just in-case, I shut off my music a few minutes before I go fill up, lol. I'm already black, no need to get crispy black,lol.

That is why you should never get in and out of the car while you are pumping gas. You can get enough of a static charge getting in and out to cause a spark. Sparks and fuel fumes don't mix.
Exactly, i have some vids on my HD of people having some little fires. While i find them amusing now, would **** to be in that situation.

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