Searching for something better than CDT CL-61's.

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First off, I am by no means dissappointed with these components. I thought that the imaging was amazing and it sounds great. I am looking for something that can get louder, and possibly a bit better SQ. I'll be honest, I don't have $500 to drop on components, and for $149, I think these CDT's were a steal.

However, does anyone recommend any other components that sound better than the CDT's? Preferably someone who has heard the CDT's as well as the set that they are recommending. I am kind of stuck, as I feel that for the money the CDT's can't be beat.

I prefer 1" silk, soft tweeters on my component sets by the way.

Also, not to throw another twist in the mix... But would I be better off moving to a horn/midrange setup for better SQ?

I have no experience with horns, so I would like to know people's opinions who have actually used them. Thanks.


p.s. Oh, and if you haven't figured it out, SQ is my primary goal.

Focals Kevlars are amazing. I had some CDT CFs, and the Kevlars are definately a step up.

Other than that, I would say the only better speaker I've heard is Dynaudios, but those are $500+ a set.

Sounds interesting. Where can I find a 6.5" set of those focal kevlars? Do you have a model #? Thanks for your help.


They have no authorized online dealers, but some places sell them. Ebay, and others sell them. I would check out indoaudio on ebay or maybe contact.

In the general section, someone posted about and they seem to sell focal. I would contact them.

165ks are the kevlars.

My friend that has the CDTs CFs right now recently put a set of the Focal Polyflex in a lexus, and said they were amazing, and he wants to sell the CDTs. So maybe check those out. They are ~$200-250. I've never heard them, but I've heard the kevlars and utopias, and if they are 1/2 as good, then they are still great speakers.

I would try to listen to the CDT full HD-62 set (not the sets for less than 200 at these are what I have and the only things I like better are much more money ($500+) and even then I only like the midbass from one set and tweeter from a different set until you hit around the $900 price point.

I am judging the CDT pro HD set against Focal, Diamond Audio, Boston Pro, Alpine type r and x, JL, eclipse, and Infinity perfects.

Plus remember that any speaker is only as good as the install and the amp driving them. Take a look at your crossover set up, mounting plate, and amplifier before you completely rule out the CDT set you have.


Thanks pete. My mounting plate is in the door, and doesn't offer a very solid connection right now. I need to dremel it a bit for a good fit. I agree with your comment on the install, so I will be adjusting that as a first measure.

The crossover setup is basically using the crossovers for the comps. I have my amp set to not send anything lower than about 80hz, and I have my sub to not receive anything higher than 80hz. I will be soon adjusting that to a 50hz and lower sub, 50-150 dedicated midbass, and 150+ for the comp set. I'm hoping that will help the midbass problem and allow the comps to get a bit louder.

Thanks for your help.


i absolutely love my eclipses... great midbass, detailed midrange, nice highs. not sure why more people dont run them as they are cheaper than focal among others... eclipse makes nice stuff no doubt

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