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Hello, I am getting ready to install my 3000 watt taramps and 2 15s in an expedition.
I am a little hung up because my old car had a 220 amp alternator from the factory, but the expedition only has a 100 amp alternator. It is paired with an xs power d6400, and 0guage big 3, as well as 0 guage wiring for the amp. I’m just wondering what a safe power limit is to not murder my battery while I’m driving around and not over stress the alternator
It also should be noted that I fully intend on getting a second d6400 battery and a 370-400 amp alternator in the next coming weeks. Battery will be installed before alternator being that the alternator has to be built and shipped.
so my question is, 1.) on the one d6400 battery and stock alternator, how much power can I safely send to my amp
2.) how much will only a second battery increase it
And 3.) will a 400 amp alternator and 2 d6400 safely power an amp that drew 475ish amps on a dyno? I don’t intend to push the subs that hard (7000 watts at 475 amps) I only plan to send them ~4000. They are skar vfx rated for 1500 rms.
Any insight is appreciated.
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