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My buddy n i were messing around with my Brutus 1000D hooking it up to some POS pyramid subs. We ran into a problem. We hooked up the Remote Wiring to the Remote wiring by the deck. Plugged it into amp. It wasnt giving it power. We used a small piece of 8 gauge to run from the power to the remote. Then the amp worked. But thats not how its suppose to be done. Anyone know what could be wrong with Remote Wiring? It ran the Subs like that fine.

if you want to run it without the remote on your amp to the remote on the deck, i suggest you get a toggle switch for you power, but i dont know why when you wired it to the remote it didnt work possibly the remote on the deck isnt working?

yea i had that same problem with my bx1500d. what i ended up doing was i stripped the wire about an inch and a half down then bent it over to make it thicker so that the remote wire screw had more to grab on to and now it workes fine

You say you hooked it up to the remote wire on the back of your deck. I would go back and check that. Some times people make a mistake and hook it up to the power antenna wire because that is also blue. Check and see if there is another blue wire back there, if so hook it up to that.

well on most after market HU, the power ant is the remote. On some it is not. Make sure you HU does not have 2 different remotes. Eclipse has one for when the radio is on and one for when the CD player is on. There may be 2 different ones.

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