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I am looking for a simple audio system, and I have come across a Sony CD/MP3 receiver with 208 Watts max (23.3 RMS X 4; 52 X 4 Max) I found some 5.25 in. Sony Speakers with a Recommended RMS of 45 Watts. I am wondering if this will cause any problems with sound quality or if it will damage any of the equipment if I use this comfiguration. P.S. I am planning on using 3.5 in. speakers in the dash that will use up the other 2 channels.

Thank you very much.

Head units are usually insanely overrated in RMS wattage. It's doubtful you'll see any more than 10-15w coming out of each channel. I mean, look at the fuse on the HU. Probably a single 10-15A fuse. Look at an amp that puts out around 25-30W RMS, chances are it's got a 30A or higher fuse.

Everything Sony makes is also insanely overrated, I had 4 Xplod speakers in my car with 30 watts to each (rated at 50W RMS) and they all blew. I don't think they're safe with 1/2 the recommended wattage.

What's your budget? There's got to be better deals out there...

"sony" and "sound quality" should not be used in the same sentence together unless the words "***** for" are inbetween them.

You could find some better speakers for the money that will sound ALOT better for the same price range.

if speaker_rms >= amp/HU_rms, you're the safest. If amp/HU_rms > speaker_rms, if you're not easy on the gains you could blow the speakers

No, don't bridge channels on the H/U. Also, H/U's will have high distortion and can be driven into clipping really easy. You will be fine with that equipment, but after purchasing it, if you can save up for a 4 channel amp, that would be ideal, and result in a huge increase in sound quality.


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