Quad Voice Coil question???

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Is there any advantage to this other than you can have more wiring configurations?? I am asking b/c the DP I plan on getting have the option for it and I see that most of the comp installs that have them all seem to have quad voice coils. Is it that I am not seeing a lot of installs or is there a advantage in comps for 4 vc unstead of the normal dual???

Your imput is appreaceated...


K, another question, Do you think the DP can handle a Orion 2500D???? I would run it at 4 ohms = 1200w RMS for my daily set up and 1 ohm = 2500w RMS for just comps. Do any of you think she can handle it, I would like someone with personaly experience with the DP if at all possible if not I am open to everyone elses opinion.


Most installs with Quads allow for higher power use and in some cases(not all) comes out cheaper.

If you're running normal power, don't bother with quads.


Option 1

1-15" Quad 2-ohm Coil Audiobahn Immortals

8 Visonik V900XDs

Each coil gets 3000+ watts from strapped 900XDs.....12000+wtts rms

Option 2

1-15" Dual 2-ohm Coil Audiobahn Immortals

4 Visonik V900XDs

Each coil gets 3000+ watts from strapped 900XDs.......6000+ wtts rms

Yeah that makes since b/c one of the installs i read about was from IA and it had 1500 RMS to each coil with a grand total of 30,000 RMS with 5 DP quads. My one question still stands does anyone think the DP can handle 2500w (only in comps)????

Hey thanks Fam, I appreceate it alot. I am really looking forward to getting all my stuff in and get it all hooked up and then go to a couple of comps. I will let you all know how the DP does when I get everything hooked up...

Thanks agian...


quick question on the Orion 2500D, does it have a ssf??? I have been looking at it and can't seem to find if it does or not. If not I know this has been asked b/4 but were could one find a ssf and how $?

I would think it would come with one. If not you can get a PG bass cube or a crossover that has one. Harrison Labs makes inline subsonic filters in all kinds of different frequencies for like 25 bucks, i went with a bass cube for my Mmats amps b/c they didnt have ssf's either. Having a variable ssf is a plus as well...

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