Prestige APS996 Platinum or Viper 791XV

Im a installer at a caraudio store and have installed a ton of both products you state their, we sell both. Vipers too much money for just the amount of features the 996 can do. Viper yours buying a name.. I have nothing against viper excellent products but the aps-996, actually htis years model is the APS-996a has it beet in my eyes. Be did an install on an escalade, it had air ride system, window roll up modules, power sunroof modules, door poppers the whole nice yard. The aps-996a has 7 channel outs and is powerfull enough that we could adjust the ride hight of the vehicle, roll the windows up and down, pop the doors and open and close the sunroof, with the lcd remote. //

Of course it was about 1200 bucks lol for the alarm and istall, took 9 hours to install properly.


aps-996 good product

Agreed. I have the 791 on my car. I have window roll up, audio mic, dual field proximity (508D), a voice module (found it laying around the shop one day i was bored) (I am a professional installer as well). I also have a 611T latching relay on my neons. My trunk is hooked up as well. I ran out of channels. It ******. I am now looking into the new viper 850xv. Its not two way, but has more channels. To make a long story short, i would also look into the prestige deeply. The 791 is an excellent alarm, but is a bit starved for channels.

How hard is the 996a to install? I have a 96 Suburban, 4x4 and a 01 Quest that I am looking at doing to install to. I called around locally and they are saying that the install is a nightware, that the wiring is really wierd and complicated. And of course they recommend DEI, etc. I was told to do the install was going to cost 200-400. Ya right. I know how electronics work, etc. HELP. EASY or KILLER? And how much should the 996a cost? Brand new on Ebay is 124.00


Does the auto-start feature work with a manual transmission? Also, what are a few other brands and models that are good. I heard Clifford was good and their 2-wa remote was one of the best. Also, I dont know if it matters, but I really dont need all the features to turn stuff on from the remote, so if that will save some money let me know.

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Update, I found this piece . will give a update after install..

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