Powering a Car Audio amp at home.

Really?!? That'll work? But Dont they make a converter to change House current to car current?
Yeah, it's an AC/DC adaptor, but there's more to it than that. The cpu power supply is an interesting, and good, idea. Never thought about it.

We did it at my friends house, wired his entire room with neons, a battery charger won't work, because it has resistors so it would only "trickle charge" the battery. you can get ac to dc convertors regularly, but they're really expensive.

Search ebay for an Astron Power Supply. 30 amp or larger. Thats all your need to run the amplifer. Wire it like normal power wires from the power supply and your input signal to the RCA's from whatever source your gonna use.

i kinda did the same thing, i had my hole system in my room. i had the cd player and everthing, you need an adapter, i took a car battery and grounded it or i used a 12 volt ac to dc adapter. they both worked you just half to know what your doing.

Battery chargers have no filtering, you'll get a whole lot of AC hum.

The $49 PC supply is a cool idea. It'll do 20 amps at 12 volts. Enough for a HU and small amp.

Radio Shack has (or had) a 25 amp 12V supply for reasonable cost.

Tripp Lite and Pyramid have good sized ones too. But when you get up to 50 amps or more, helotaxi's correct: it's cheaper to buy an amp that runs on 120V.

get yourself a decent car battery and throw it in your house, hook it up to a battery charger and bling, there ya go. disc the batt charger if it has ac hum, just charge it when u sleep

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