Power issues...amp cuts off at high volume


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Hey everyone

I got my alarm working on my car so I thought I would install the 2 10" concept subs that came with it. They came with an old soundstream amp that doesn't even say the wattage, so I got a free Ultimate Vortex from a friend. It's a 200W amp and worked awesome with an 8" rockford fosgate in my other car. So I hooked up all the wires and they started playing. Here came the problem. If I turned the volume up, or the bass up, or the gain up, the amp cuts out until I turn one of these down far enough. I checked the ground and it's fine, and the power wire is like an 8 or 6 guage so it's plenty big enough. WHY is it doing this????? THere are also 2 small boston amps powering some speakers in the dash, but they are pretty small and don't even have rca's or anything. I tried searching but I don't really know what it's called. ANy help would be appreciated! THanks!


So I found the soundstream model #.

It's a Soundstream Rubicon 202 and I went and got the manual from their homepage.

The Specs are:

4 ohm stereo (8 ohm bridged) (12.8Vdc) - 50W X 2, 100W X 1

4 ohm stereo (8 ohm bridged) (14.4Vdc) - 75W X 2, 150W X 1

2 ohm stereo (4 ohm bridged) (14.4Vdc) - 100W X 2, 200W X 1

I can't say I know very much about these specs at all, but does it still sound like the soundstream would be a better amp???? The concept website says the subs can handle 200W each, 6 ohm impedance.


I also tried not bridging the subs, and bridging the subs according to what was displayed on the amp, and had the same problems both ways.

When you mean wired below an impedence it can handle, does that mean the wires from the subs are too high a guage? I think they only used 14 or 16 guage wire from the sub to the amp. But the power and ground are definately a lot larger, like probably 8 guage. Should I use thicker wire from the subs to amp maybe??? Maybe I'm way off, I dunno.


Thank you JMAC for your response!!!


I looked closer and found the person that wired it was stupid. //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/nono.gif.eca61d170185779e0921b0faa9704973.gif he had 14 guage and 16 guage going to 1 sub, and 14 guage and 12 guage going to another. So i went with 12 all around to both subs and it works great. I don't know if it was the wires themselves, or because it was such high guage.

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