please recomend amp 1100w rms needed

a good amp for 1100watts rms would be the memphis 16-mc1000D...

it's a mono amp so I wouldn't use it to power those'd get a better sound and more performance if used one sub or two equally matched subs off of a mono long as the ohms can't just add up wattage like that and expect it to work.

If I were you I'd try selling those subs and buying an 12" Resonant Engineering HC or XXX (or another sub like elemental designs, etc)...Quality > Quantity imo...but hey, that's just me... //

- Lost Cause

just buy a hifonics bx1500d if you dont want it retail do a pricematch at to any other site that sells it cheap and they will give you a good ass deal (they gave me 314 shipped) and a warranty, or you could always go to ebay and get it for 290 shipped without a warranty, that wil make those subs BUMP just watch it a lil bit with your gains

you could do it but make sure you know what you want and buy's never good to buy something just to splurge and eventually have to rebuy components just to get the performance you chinced out on in the first place...

It matters how far you are willing to pursue car audio...I suppose if you just want a quick fix solution to use everything you have you could do it but you'd probably appreciate a system that you put a bit of thought into (no pun intended). Multiple amps to get a job done that one quality amp and a quality sub setup could do is just a waste of $$$ imo but it would get your subs going atleast...

- Lost Cause

from what I know Power Acoustik has always been pushing SPL at the cost of can get your car loud but it will sould like ass doing it. I'd sell the Power Acoustik and get one set of subs that match but are high really get what you pay for in most cases...

I would not reccomend running 2 different sub sizes, you will have cancelation problems
What about a 12" and an 8"...I've heard people using 12's for low frequencies and 8" subs for the midbass. I suppose it's a matter of tuning but two different sized subs can be beneficial in some instances.

- Lost Causes

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