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I should preface this post by saying im inept when it comes to car audio.

Im currently waiting on my scion XB to be delivered, and this is the system i have planned out, critique it please. And i know ill need a new alternator i was thinking 200 amp, which i believe is the highest i can get for the XB.

heres what i have planned...

2 re xxx 12"s

2 re 36.1's to power the xxx's

soundstream rubicon 404 (circa 2001, already own it) to power splits.

As for splits im not too sure what i should choose, i was thinking id just get a pair of the re xxx splits, ive heard speakers from the same manufacturer sound better when paired. (correct me if im wrong and suggest what youd use)

Head unit, im thinking about keeping the stock pioneer until i want to upgrade to mobile video, if not i like eclipse and nakamichi.

200 amp alternator by either HO or Ohio Generator.

Fiberglass enclosure for the subs painted to match the vehicle.

Wiring? I've no idea but id assume bigger is better.

well thats what i have so far. Let me know what you think and what you would change. And with the 200 amp alternator running 4000-4400 watts will i need extra batteries?

thanks a lot, sorry im new to car audio at this level before i jsut had 2 punch and 2 ppi 10"s


IF you want a big alternator talk to Dom. Email him tell him what u need he'll send u a price. Very very effiecent alts. I Have a 220amp alt for my civic from him. A friend of mine has 2 300amp alts in his tahoe and a 220amp alt in his civic from Dom.

I would definately suggest upgrading the headunit. Look into Alpine, Eclipse, and Pioneer indash dvd.

The subs and amp are good... as u can see im running a 12" xxx and 35.1. Im upgrading to a 36.1 probably when it comes out.

If you want and have the money run RE XXX comps all around and get the RE 100.4 amps(the component). IF u need anything else let me know, falout2guy on aim.

Also run 1/0awg wire throughout the whole vechile.

get the scion yet? i'm thinking about getting one soon... i think it's pretty sweet that it comes with a factory pioneer mp3 player lol... i'm gonna do a nice system setup too but i don't know how much room it has behind that back seat...

Well for someone who is totally inept when it comes to car audio you sure planned one hell of a system. You will definately want to upgrade the alt but I think you should be cool with the upgraded alt and mayble replacing the factory battery with a yellow top.

Well this is going to be a daily driver, should i really run 1800-2000 watts to each xxx sub, or will that make me deaf. I do want it to sound good, and i dont want to drown out all the other sound. I most likely wanna push the subs at 1ohm because it seems to be the most cost effective way to power them. I live right down the street from Ohio Generator so i will definatley use their Alternator, not only does it save me shipping but I like supporting local companies if i can, and ive heard good things about them.

So some of the questions i have:

My budget so far seems to be around $4000.00 for everything

1. $300 for alternator

2. $850 for 2 12"xxx's

3. around $1000.00 to power the xxx's

4. up to $800 for speakers

5. the rest for wire, install, box build, batteries etc.

I want this install to be very clean and aesthetically pleasing, and sound awesome, im buying a scion instead of a wrx because i plan to put a lot of money into customization and car audio. That and gas and insurance are expensive.

Would you port or seal the xxx's? (ive been told its possible to port fiberglass, but like i said i am inept with car audio) And if ported what would you tune it to?

What gauge wire would you use? (brand recomendations?)

What brand of batteries would you use and how many?

What power would you throw to the xxx's? One orion 2500d to power both or 1 RE 36.1 on each sub, (remember this will be a daily driver and i dont wanna go too deaf), any other suggestions are welcome but i would like to stay under $1000.00 for amps to drive the subs.

What brand (and series) of comps would you use, and would you do comps and coaxial or comps all around? And if Coaxials what brand would you use?

Finally any other suggestions, comments, constructive critisism, or what have you to offer i would appreciate it.

Sorry i ramble but i really dont wanna get burned again, i dont want to drop this much money and not have it sound and look fantastic.

Thanks for all your help


I'll answer your question this way...for a daily driver not many people need 4000 watts. In complete honesty, a lot of people around here are running one 12xxx and are happy as can be. Now if I had the money I'd buy two and power them to their fullest, but it's kind of a waste at the same really depends on how much you want to spend and how loud you want this to get. SQ should not be affected too greatly, I've heard the xxx's have phenomenal SQ even at higher volumes

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