Pioneer Premier Ts-W2000spl opinions??

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Whats everyones thoughts on this sub? I can pick up one locally for $140. Worth it? Any other similar priced subs in that power range recommended? Lookin for sql here. I read a review on this sub and it sounded like it was pretty good, esp for $140

I have two of these and they sound very nice for an SPL sub. A good box is important though as these require a good deal of volume (1.5 ft3 sealed / 1.75 ft3 ported). They are built very well and the cones are very solid so it might take a bit of breaking in to get full excursion from one of them. $140 is a good price for a local place, I purchased mine online forabout $120 after shipping. These sound best on rap music so if you do not listen to much rap then you might want to look at other subs.

actually i got two of the TS-W1500spl 10's and put them in a single chamber ~2 ft3 box, (sealed) and they JAM, i didnt brace the box though so certain bass notes sound strange. But im guessing sticking a 2x4 in between the subs would do the trick... also, theres this guy off ebay i found a much cheaper price from, $95 for the ts-w2000spl's and $80 for the TS-w1500spl's, so 2 tens for $160, pretty **** good deal on those, plus it was local, so no shipping. If you want his ebay name PM me...

These sound best on rap music so if you do not listen to much rap then you might want to look at other subs.
why? Do they take alot of power to give out deep bass?

I was thinking about getting a single 12 with a fosgate 350 w amp rms you think that will be loud?


well the RMS on the 12's are 750 watts, What are specs on your amp? stable at 2 ohms? cause with only one of those subs you would have to wire it at 2 ohms or 8 ohms. Make sure you get a box that is 1.5ft3 if selaed, and i think 1.75ft3 if ported.

ill just say this i have my ppi pc2600 (600watts rms) hooked up to 2 of the tens, and they bang like crazy. So yes 350 watts rms to one 12 would be nice. but, i did have a 1000 rms to these subs also, and it was insane. Just make sure you got the right size box. and they take a little while to break in the surround

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