opinions on focal ?

Utopias are the top of the line focals.

Online, you can find the utopias for $500-600 a set for 6.5"s. They retail around $850-900 a set.

The K2s I believe are Kevlar. The Kevlars have a yellow cone, while the utopias have a grey cone.

I prefer the kevlar over the utopias because I like the tweeters better from the k2's, but I still like my CDT HD's better //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

Heard all of their lines and one word sums up their product...phenomenal...

Get the Utopias and it sound like you have a nice little 10" sub in their with you. Great midrange response and accurate as heck. Nice...just plain nice. The kevlars are next to go in my 'stang.

Hey guys,

just joined this forum. First post.

Has anyone had experience with the Focal Access line, 6.5 compoenents and coaxes. I'm about to get them. THey use the same tweeters as the polyglass, and kevlar lines..


the utopia are indeed like heaven=D

u know which one sounds really good but wont break ur bank? the polyglass series.

around 200-300 a set. but oh man they sound really really good, they are awesome. i listened to the polyglass, to some of the higher ones from ID, MB quartz, boston, morel, and some other one i forget, but all within 2 hours, and man i was very very impressed w the focals that i wish i could get the polyglass 3 way for cheaper than $350, hopefully for $250 brand new but that wont happen.

AWESOME speakers

i really want to get the polyglass 165v2's but i don't think the midbass drivers would fit into the doors. There about 2.85" deep. The slim ones look like they would fit but are more expensive than the regular ones. And the magnet on those are soooo tiny.

So that's why i think i'll have to get the focal ACCESS...

I have a set of the access and really wasn't all that thrilled with them. I bought them without hearing them and only going off the other focal lines that I had heard.

The polyglass is well worth the small increase to me, and the CDT HD-62 set just blows them away in an instant.

pete which access did you try? I was looking at getting the 165A components and the 165CA coaxs..

Maybe i should go with the CDT cl61a, but i'm not sure if they'll fit in my car without major modding. Does anyone have the mounting specs on the cl61a ?

I'm looking at putting them in a 2000 Acura TL..



I have the focal 165a components and just thought they sounded flat and not rich at all, the tweeter was ok... nothing wrong with them but they weren't anything special at all. The midbass had a little bit of midbass., but not much at all.

I was running these comps off of an MTX Thunder502, but in all fairness I never ran new speaker wire to the crossovers because we all know how much of pain that is to do in a 95 civic. So that could have been the biggest problem with them.

I just finished the kicks for my CDT HD-62s now so I may be getting rid of the Focals, so pm me an offer if you're interested in trying a low price option first.


p.s. I should also say that I work on the side as a recording and mixing engineer as well as a music producer so my ears are very trained and I am VERY picky about speakers.

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