One 15 & Two 10's & Three amps????

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after thinking about it alot i think i have decided what i am going to do to bump up my setup.

Currently I am running:

2 10" dvc Infinity Perfects in seperate sealed boxes.

2 Power Acoustik power 520 2-channel amplifiers.

1 1farad cap

I plan to get:

1 15" PG TI DVC

1 Power Acoustik power 520 2-channel amplifier

So in total i will have:

1 15" PG TI DVC

2 10" dvc Infinity Perfects in seperate sealed boxes.

3 Power Acoustik power 520 2-channel amplifiers.

1 1farad cap

I plan to build a single box to hold the 3 subs with indavidual air space for each sub. I will hook 2 of the amps to the PG 15" DVC and run the 2 perfects off the other PA520. I have a seperate Kenwood digital EQ with a subwoofer output and integrated signal control, i will use my Premier deh-850 to send signal to the perfects and the kenwood to send signal to the PG TI 15", and the kenwood will also control signal gain on the 15" so i can keep it down most of the time.

I'm just runnin this thread to see if anyone has had experience with a similar set up or just want to voice your opinion about it. It seems to make sense to me

would it sound good if he low passed the 15" @ 60-80Hz and high passed the 10" @ 60-80Hz???

using the 10" for a low midbass and up? thats the only way i see this not sounding like crap.

Madmaniac's got the idea, I am not completely retarded, i put alot of thought into this idea. Thats why a completely seperate RCA with a completely different siganal would be sent to the 15" and to the 10"s. plus each amp would be tuned specificaly to the sub it is rockin'... i'm not sharing amps with the 10's and 15.


I appreciate the criticism guys, for real, we all want an original system that looks good and sounds better.

Hey i say go ahead and try it that's what this hobby is all about. I doubt if any of the people that's telling you it would sound awful has tried what you're doing they are just speculating. just let us know how it sounds and maybe post some pics

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