Ok, so i need some new speakers

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Im looking for some reasonable 4x6 speakers for my grand am. I had Infinity Reference 4x6's for about a year but those blew about a month ago. I DO have the warranty so i can always get new ones, but im just wondering if i can get something better for a good price. After the infinitys blew, my friend gave me some Eclipse 4x6, i put those in, blew them in about a week.

I have a Kenwood Kdc-x569 headunit. I have the bass set to 5, treble and mids both set to 6. And i usually dont raise the volume past 20. I there a good 4x6 with good clarity and will not blow as easily? Price is not really an option, maybe about $175 MAX.

Am i better off getting some 5.25 or 6.5's and customing them into the door panel? (Not hard to do, just time consuming)

Anyone have any suggestions?

i made the mistake of buying audiobahn dont do what i did, i got some of the best they make and they are stil mediocre at best. consider getting some 6" components and putting them on a plate there.

hmm, i am not sure why you blowing just regular speaker. but if you turn up ur spks and it sounds like ****, turn the volume down.

regular speakers usu last a long time, so there's prob something wrong that you are doing.

if you have warranty on the references n it covers blown speakers, just get them replaced and you could sell them if you want. not too familiar with compnaies that make 4x6 spks, but those infinity are pretty good

It's the bass that kills small speakers. I went through 3 sets of dash speakers before I realized that even HU power can destroy them if the bass is turned up.

Kappa's will handle more power than the others in that size. But I'd really recommend modifying the mounting for some decent 5.25's.

Definitely, I'd recommend putting 5 1/4" comps in there if you can. The cheaper JBL GTO and Infinity Reference series components are good for the price, and take 60W RMS.

But I agree bass really hurts small speakers. Get some bass blockers for them at least.

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