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I'm installing speakers, an amp, and headunit in my 2001 Civic LX 4DR. The head unit is a Kenwood KDC-MP925. I'm going to purchase Diamond Audio for the speakers and amp. The speakers I would like are the HEX Series S600's for the front. Best quality in components diamond has to offer, and I know I need a good amp and rear speakers to back it up. The problem is, I don't know which amp or speakers I need to get for the best sound. I would like to stay in Diamond, so can anyone offer help as to which amp and speakers they would recommend? I'd appreciate any help you can give. has full specs on all of their products so you can be able to determine from there. I just can't understand all of the specs. Speaker size is 6.5" all around. I need all of this to work together seamlessly!

You can also IM me at BoarderX2k3, thanks!

Its all about budget. The only speakers I have heard and like better then my cdt's are the diamond hex's. Great choice. I also love my diamond amps. They are incredibly clean and are underrated. I would look into the diamon audio D5 600.2, or D7 1502. Both of these amps are awesome. Another option would be the diamond D3 600.2 if they make one. Hex's love power so be sure to give them around 150 watts and they will sound amazing.

If you sound deaden and seal you door properly then you might not want rear speakers. The hex's should be loud enough and I wouldn't want speakers of lesser quality hurting the sound quality.

Good Choice on the speakers, I know that diamond is not the only choice for amps but I love mine and highly recommend them.

I'm looking at amps right now. It seems like I have a few options. My initial thought was to use a sinlgle 4 channel amp and supply each HEX speaker with 150W each, and whatever wattage I might need in the back. Am I able to control the power flow to each channel? Also, is it better to go with 4 ohms stereo or 2 ohms stereo? The D5 600.4 can provide 150W x 4 at 2 ohms stereo (assuming I can limit the power to the back). Would this work? Plus, I could upgrade the rear later.

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