New mids/highs system. which amp should i get?

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OK, so i have a 1980 cadillac, and i'm going to be replacing the two 6x9"s in the back deck and the two 4x6"s in the front dash (they're currently stock) with Memphis PR (power reference). i'm buying the speakers at a local car audio store, (they have a good deal, $130 for all four, i think that's pretty good). but i want an amp to push them with. For the next few months it's just going to be the amp pushing the four speakers (the two 4x6s, and the two 6x9s), but then i'm going to be upgrading my system, probably by getting two more 6x9s in the back deck (making four 6x9s altogether, all power reference) or by getting some 5" speakers and putting one in each door. regardless what i do, i need an amp that will be able to make them get LOUD and clean at the same time. what amp would work both now (with the four stock speakers replaced) and in the near future when i add 2 or 4 more speakers to my system? I'm not sure how many watts the power reference speakers require, but i need a good amp that will work with them.

if you could please give me some suggestions, the most economical would be best too, and i would like a D-class, if possible. any suggestions? recommendations?

1) If you insist, only put one pair of speakers in the back.

2) Ditch the 6x9's.

3) You don't want a class D amp.

4) Find the RMS of the speakers and tell us what they are, along with how much you want to spend on an amp.

1) OK, that makes sense. should i put speakers elsewhere in the car though?

2) the back pair of speakers are 6x9s

3) oh ok. thanks

4) well i can't find the Memphis PR speakers online anywhere, and i don't want to wait till i've bought them, installed them, and then have to get an amp, i need to get them all the same time :-/

see, i figured the more speakers you have the louder it will get. all other lowriders have speakers everywhere they can fit (center console, four in the rear deck, tweeters on all four interior corners of the cab, between the passenger and driver, etc.) we often have parties, and i'd like to be able to pull up, open my windows, and turn the music up (without pushing the speakers too hard) and have the music be loud, be able to be heard outside of the car easily, and we'd listen to the music for hours (the amps would run off my yellow-tops) with my stock speakers i can turn them up as far as i can on the head unit, and step 6 feet away from the car and you can't hear a thing, and being able to be heard outside the car is one of the main reasons i'm getting them. also i'd like them to be a lot cleaner tham the stock speakers obviously //

what do you think now ?

by the way, just some info on the speakers i'm getting now:

Memphis 15-PR93S Power Reference 6x9" Speakers

RMS Power (Watts)-60, Peak Power (Watts)- 120

MEMPHIS 15-PR46S Power Reference Speakers 4x6"

RMS Power (Watts)-30, Peak Power (Watts)-60

remember that i'd like the amp to be able to push at least one more pair of these speakers when i get them.

yeah, the more speakers you have, the louder, but, then you'd need more and more amplifiers to push them, etc. A lot of competition cars just have 2 speakers producing the mids & highs - however they have pretty powerful amps behind them. But, you can also wire up speakers to a an amp so that 1 channel provides power for 2 speakers (however the amp must be able to support the ohm rating).

What I've learned in car audio is that if it doesn't fit by default, you can MAKE them fit - or you can probably find a better alternative.

For example, I have 4x6 holes in the front doors and 6x9 holes in the rear deck. I'm now making kick panels to put a 6.5 woofer & tweeter in, putting nothing in the 4x6 holes, and am putting in some 6.5s in the rear deck. You can make an adapter to fit a 6.5 woofer in a 6x9 hole by yourself, or you can buy some, like I did. (if memory serves me right, look on>speakers->installation->universal adapters - were like $8+$5 shipping). 6.5s are usually better than 6x9s quality-wise (per Gauntlet's advice)

Based on what you want (pulling up and being able to provide the music...) you'll need some louder speakers. Well, I guess it depends on the area. Right now, all I have are a pair of 6x9s in the rear deck getting 65 watts each from an amp. In my work parking lot (a lot for like 15-20 cars that you have to go through an alley to get to), I can be heard around the whole lot, but as far as being on the street - 65 watts ain't gonna do it (well maybe on an empty street at night time).

Maybe 100 watts per channel? However, don't know of any 100x4 amps...

So really, you could just get a good set of 6.5 components, and a good 2 channel amp to push them, and you should be straight as for your mids & highs. May be more than the $130 deal you have going for you now (cdt cl-61's off have a pretty good rep on this board for $150 - free shipping). Then grab you an amp off ebay for like less than $100.

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