New amps...Suggestions on Subs please!

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Hello everyone...This is my first post so bare with me....I am not new to car audio...but i have been searching this forum and found a few companies that i am new to...such as RE....


I have just aquired two PPI PCX2400 for sub use...and was wondering what you guys suggest would be good subs to match up with them!


I am looking for two 15 inch per amp with a total of 800watts rms per sub with no more then a 4ohm load on each amp....


I will be honest and say i am a "bass head" and am looking for best SPL, but in saying that i dont want huge volume that sounds like ass.


At this point i would say that i am open to either vented or sealed...but am leaning on vented...


If you have any suggestions i am more then happy to hear your advice!


Thanks a bunch! //

What kind of car? Are you sure you will have the air space for a 2 vented 15" subs? That will take up a lot of space. 12" can be used as a good SPL/SQ sub.

How much money are you willing to spend on a pair of subs? That will also help us let you know what is out there in your price range.

Hey Pavengmike thanks for responding.....i am looking for 4 15's.....two on each amp. unless someone can sell me on two larger subs to run one on each amp.

I have a focus that i am completly rebuilding the interior plan was to remove the back seat and build a wall behind the drivers seat, in which the subs would be mounted..with sealing up the entire back end of the car..the hatch would act as the enclosure....not quite sure the air volume yet!

Price is not an issue, but am looking for subs that will perform well with 800watts rms or can you convice me that two subs with 1600rms would out perform the four?

Hope that helps!

I would ditch the 4 15s and just go with either 2 15s or 1 18".

I would suggest either looking into RE's SX series, and XXX series. Also i would suggest possibly looking into Atomic Loudspeaker's APoc series, or if u really wanted to APX series. A wall with 2 15's and 800watts each will be very loud for you.

Are you going to be competiting or no? This could also play a factor in your decision on what to get.

Hey Qckrun...i would like to do some amature competing...but just want stupid amounts of fairly clean bass!

So in saying that...why do you suggest not going with four 15's? would two 18's with 3200watts of power out perform four 15's with the same power?

if you guys could post some of the sub websites it would be appriciated!

i was originaly just going to go with four PPI 15s but started looking around and thought that the Stryke audio AV-15 might be unique...but i cant run two per amp with out runing at too low of a resistence!


I love Eclipse Titanium speakers. I am not trying to say you are a nubie, but I want to say some things about speakers. Please do not take this wrong. Some people think BIGGER IS BETTER. Well that is not close to being true. With all the new subs on the market you can hit unheard of SPL levels with 12" subs that took walls of 18" 10 years ago. If you get 4 titanium 12's in good enclosure you will top the 150 DB level. And that my friend is ear drum shattering LOUD

That shows you all of there subs.

The box in the link below was designed for the titanuim subs. I have the 10' version of this, and it will hit the 140's easily.

I forgot to add something about the 18 they have listed. It needs 1 1/2 MDF with supports for this speaker. It will blow the walls off anything smaller. I can get this speaker for 1,000 right now. It is a 1800 speaker. It has 4 1 OHM VC's

I have been looking at the Brahma B15 i could run two of them one on each amp

or the RE SE 15 i could run two of them on each amp

or the RE XXX18 and run one on each amp

Whats your opinion on how the three different setups would work?

any other of the experienced installers on this forum wana give me there two cents?

thanks again for time!

wow, i wonder how big your box is going to be. I hope you have all the trunk space in the world (SUV), especially if u go ported. I hear those brahma's are great for what you want. but as usual, I have never heard them personally but if I was in your position, I'd give them a try.

If you are still wanting 4 15's with 800 rms per sub, RE SX's are a great way to go. I only have one of the 15's with 1225 on it and it is awesome. I did a pretty good job at my first amateur competition this past weekend. This is my 100% recommendation for you.

Go to and call the number under contact to get more information on the SX.

I would recommend 2 18" XXX's, or 4 RE SeXXX's 15's. Or 4 SI Magnum D2 15's.

If you want to get really loud... you should get 3 digital designs 9515's...


The only way i could configure three subs is if they were dual 6ohm voice coils....

anybody in here ever heard both the Brahma B15 and the RE XXX do they compare? cause if they are close i might just go with two of RE XXX 18's and call it a day!

thanks for your replies guys!

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