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I had an idea a few weeks back.

Shipping has always been a huge concern of mine. Its not so much the weight of the enclosures that's a factor, but rather the bulk. A medium sized box shipped to california is at least $60, which is a cost I'm forced to pass on to the customer.

Packaging enclosures is also an important issue. According to UPS guidelines, I have to packgage each box with corrugated cardboard and seal it up with mailing tape. Packaging enclosures is a costly and time consuming process, which again is an expense that gets passed on to the customer.

My idea is to sell the boxes as kits. Each kit would include everything you need to assemble a subwoofer box. All pieces precut and predrilled, 1 tube of liquid nails and a caulk gun, a cup terminal, enough screws to fit everything together and a set of plans that tell you how the pieces fit together. The kit would be packaged in a small box (much smaller than the assembled product) and shipped for a much lower rate. Another advantage is that people actually get to build their own box. I think a lot of people shy away from having their boxes built professionally because they want the experience of actually building their own enclosure. This way, you get to DIY and you don't have to worry about making straight edge cuts or cutting perfect circles, because that part is already taken care of.

Because I wouldn't have to fit the pieces together, I could build them quicker which in turn lowers the cost of the enclosure and gets them out to the customers quicker. If all my calculations are correct, I could sell the SI Magnum D2 12" enclosure (2cuft@29hz) which now sells for $99 after the forum member discount for about $75, and it could be shipped for about half the price that it currently costs to ship.

I will still offer ready-built enclosures for those who would prefer not to assemble their own box, however this gives my customers more options.

Let me know what you think of the idea. Good? Bad? Needs improvement? If you have any input or suggestions, please feel free to reply!

I think that is a GREAT idea. It will definately help lots more people out. For that price, it's almost as cheap as buying the stuff on your own and for people without saws etc it'll work out great.

You should go through with this for sure.

Good luck,

Craig G

I would buy one for sure. I made a sealed box, but the box was cut at home depot so the cuts are not that good. It still works, just does not look good. I would defenitly buy the precut wood to make a ported box for my e15a. Please make a post if you decide to sell these kits.

good idea, I would buy one, not very good at cutting out the circles. Would you ever consider just selling the fronts with the circles cut out.

Oh and to be like the big guys you should put the instructions in like 10 different languages. //

great idea, but is it really necessary to put the liquid nails and caulk gun in there? that would just be extra expense for people who have that laying around, you should make that an optional addon for a couple bucks.

I guess I could knock a couple bucks off if you didn't want the liquid nails....i was just looking out for the guys that don't have any tools at all.

as far as doing instructions in other languages....not gonna happen. i only speak enough spanish and german to order a beer and locate a place to throw up //

as far as doing instructions in other languages....not gonna happen. i only speak enough spanish and german to order a beer and locate a place to throw up //
I speak French. I'd do it if you were stuck //

*insert Canadian comment here*

- Steve

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