need opinions and help finding a good setup for my small trunk

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hi, i have an 81 celica gt coupe which has a small trunk. right now i have 2 polk audio subs in a sealed box about 13" high and it just barely allows the trunk to close. i want to sell this along with my lightning audio amp which is having problems on one of its channels.

anyways, here are a few questions:

if i decide to purchase a 12" subwoofer (or maybe two), i'm guessing the mounting surface on the box would have to be slanted (or maybe even have the subs firing upwards) as i'd like to keep the box under 12" tall. i also want to get a ported box. would this significantly affect the sound?

to replace the setup i've got, i'd like to spend a total of $300-$350 (possibly more, if there really aren't any reasonable solutions) for a sub, box, and amp. i favor sound quality over loudness, though i'd like the new setup to be significantly louder than the polks. i know i shouldn't be buying equipment based on brand name alone, but i'd like something other than jl, rockford fosgate, kenwood, etc. so i might laugh at and prove to my stupid friends that just because a brand isn't known doesn't mean it's bad...haha (but honestly if there is a good setup in one of those known brands, i wouldn't mind having one).

lastly, i have 2-ways in the rear deck of my car and the head unit has one set of rcas for the rear which go to my amplifier now. when i turn up the volume or fade towards the rear, the speakers start to distort as i get to the desired level for the subwoofers. what's the best way to solve this problem? an rca booster for the amp (head unit puts out only 2V)? bass blockers for the speakers? crossovers?

wow that ended up being longer than i expected, sorry...i hope i didn't upset anyone, heh. ANY help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

single 12" RE SE and a jbl 600.1 and make ur own ported box or sealed box and have it firing up. or just get a single 10" and face it the regular way. ported would be ideal for loudness.

where can i shop for RE subs, and how much can i expect to pay for the 12" RE SE? what's a reasonable price for the jbl 600.1? i see it at sounddomain for $220, so can i find it for $200 or less elsewhere? heh. thanks for the info.

u buy em straight from the company. expect to pay like.. 175 or so shipped for the 12" and like 150ish for the 10" dont quote me on those prices though as ull need to call them for pricing shipped to ur door.

Ull need something that does 600 wattts at 2 ohms if u were to go with that sub.

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