Need new speakers, which brand?

Best speakers I've ever heard are focal utopias. 6.5" are $550 and 5.25"$500 from .

Try to find some on ebay cheaper. I've never been a fan of MB quarts. I would go and listen to these speakers. The only other one in the $500 price range I would suggest is dynaudio. The only ones that I've heard that compared to the focals.

I've heard MB Quarts, they do sound great even at high levels. But I'm starting to catch a glimpse of other speakers and while looking at the Focals, well, they just look high quality. Reminds me of a mini Cerwin Vega Stroker.

I came up with this:

Focal 165 CV 6.5"

Focal 100 CV 4"

Haven't found tweeters yet.

i love my cdt cl-51's. the tweeters are amazing on them. the tweeter is soft and has a like a lot of detail i guess you can call it. it isn't harsh or scream at you. the midbass is suprisingly well for a 5.25. my door panel is screwed up though so i have a lot of rattiling and such but it seems pretty loud and clean so i assume that the cl-61's would be even better as far as midrange is concern. the classics only cost $150. what kind of power do you plan to give these speakers?

Well after I decide on which speakers I'll give them the power they need. I'm looking into US AMPS for my subwoofer power so I'll just snag one for the fronts.

Why are you guys hating on the Quarts. You make them seem like they are sony's or something i mean come on they are good speakers. Even the discus line sound good have you even heard any of the higher lines come on people get with it.

MB QUARTS all the way!!!!!!!!!

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