need help with wiring subwoofers

Riley Garcia Newbie
Apr 23, 2019
i have two ulitmate kw1200 dual 3ohm subwoofers & i'm needing help wiring them two so would i wire them in series or parallel to a Ds18  Candy-XXL1SL amp



10+ year member
Dec 29, 2001
Lawrence, KS
I guess you're going to want to wire parallel/parallel.  Theoretically that will have the amp at .75 ohms, but realistically it will be much higher most of the time (ac reactance vs dc resistance) so hopefully the amp runs ok.

Resulting load will be .75 ohms instead of 1.


Mooncatt Enthusiast
Apr 29, 2019
I like to play it safe with impedance. I'd rather wire the dual voice coils in series, for 6 ohm per speaker, then wire the speakers in parallel to the amp for a 3 ohm load to the amp. Yes, you'll lose some wattage, but I'd rather not risk it unless you've seen that amp handle a .75 ohm nominal load.


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