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Alright this is my first post, ive never built a box before, or pretty much anything at all. Im looking into getting two 15" 600/1200 watt Volfenhang subs, these are the subs stats:

Continuous Power RMS: 600W

Peak Power: 1200W

Sensitivity (1W/1m): 91 dB

Impedance: 4 ohms

Fs: 30 Hz

Qts: 0.526

Vas: 1.98 cu. ft.

Qes: 0.614

Qms: 7.698

Mounting Depth: 6-5/16''

I want my subs to be as loud as i can get 'em to be, SQ doesnt matter

From what i've gathered from just reading around, to get the loudest most obnoxious sounding speakers, i should get the biggest box i can (within reason) and to get it ported. Im putting this box in the back of a 98 ford eXplorer, i have plenty of room; 40 width X 25 depth X 17 height. If building a ported box would be too difficult, i can always just buy one, i just need to know which one.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wasted their time reading all of this, and to anyone with ADD, thanks for trying ! //

or i could get these if they are worth the extra money

this is the amp im looking at

I can design or build a box for you if you're interested. "loudest most obnoxious sounding" isn't usually my domain, however I'm sure I can come up with something //

Well, before you get a box, you better pick out some different equipment. The stuff you picked out is bottom of the barrell flea market stuff.

Tell us your budget and we can come up with something much better for you.

Alright i have around 500-600$, im looking for a new Amp, 2 Subs and Box, i want it to be as loud/ high watt as possible, preferably 2 15"s, see through boxes are sweet, but that really doesnt matter, anyone who can find me some better stuff, the help is greatly appreciated. and once agin im just looking for loud and obnoxious.

i have 40 x 25 x 17 to work with

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