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i have a 2001 gmc serria extended cab, and there is not much room in the back. here is what i want, a box that fits under the seat that can hold 4 - 10" JLW7's my main question is can it be forward firing? if not how much do you loose when you set it to fire downwards or upwards toward the seat? i would get rid of the seat but i need it . any suggestions? anyone know of a solution?

Well are you looking for SQ or SPL? With the room you have and that many subs I feel like you will not get any at all. You MAY have the room for 2 10's in a sealed box. I know you WILL NOT have the required airspace for 4 10's.

It is not the amount of speakers, but the design of the box!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest you will get a better sound out of a rear fire or down fire VS a forward fire box. It takes 3 to 4 feet for a bass wave length to reach its full potential. So the further you are away from the speaker the better it will sound, to a point. The bass will start falling off at a point, but that distance is not inside your truck.

My truck is a up fire, and I loose maybe 2 to 5 Db VS a down fire enclosure. I believe that speaker takes about 1 foot of air per speaker. May be less maybe more. So you will need your box 4x1x1 not taking into consideration the dividing walls, basket displacment. That box is square, and under your seat is NOT square.

If you wanted a high SPL you will need to design a ported box. But again with the back seat in there you will not have the required airspace for 4 10's. You MAY and I say MAY get one 12 or even 2 10's if done right.

If you look at most prefab box's for trucks you will see that 99% of them are sealed. NO AIR SPACE UNDER THE SEAT. I am sorry, but I really do not think you can fit what you want in that truck without gettin rid of the seat.

The only other thing you might be able to do is this. If there is room behind the back seat you may be able to put 2 10's behind the seat and 2 10's under the seat. I have seen this in a Ford truck, but the back seat slid forwards and backwards. I do not know if your truck can move like that one did.

oooo, ooooo, ooooo. pick me pick me! Lift the seat!!!!! check and look under plyhammer. It is downfiring so the subs "load" better. Really nice low rumble. I have mine doing 135.1 with 2 tens. If you like it, shoot me an email and I will send you some more pics and let you know how to do the lift. aim: plyhammer

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