Need components to run on 90 watts RMS.

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Also can't spend too much as the wife will kill me (with her icy cold stare:D). What can you guys recommend? It can't be cheap enough, but I also want nice sound. I listen to basically everything but rap and country music. The car is a 90 Prelude Si. Rear speakers disconnected, fronts 6.5" and sub on a 90X2/100x1 amp.

Ps. I don't want harsh sounding tweeters, though at the prices I'm looking at, I might not have allot of choice.

Pps. I looked at Infinity 6000CS. Nice, but a bit pricey. Is there anything cheaper that has similar quality?

What is your budget and what brands can you listen to locally? Then we know how inexpensive is and what we can compare them to so know can get an idea of how they sound before you buy them.

I want to keep it under $200. CDT seems like the perfect option, but to fit into Prelude's door, the speaker must have a 2" or less top mount depth. The CDT is way over that and won't fit. ****.

The Polk DB6500 has silk tweeters, but they supposedly sound harsh anyways, so again I'm kind of screwed.

Ps. For a single amp putting out 90x2+100x1 RMS, will an 8 gage cable be enough or should I get a 4 gage one?

Try the MA Audio HK 6.5" comps(100 rms). has them on sale right now for..........FREE! No BS. I just ordered 2 pr and all it cost me was $24.90 for shipping. I figure if they **** at least I'm only out 25 bucks.


gibhunter- measrethe mountingdepth availablein your door with the window all the way down.

then mesure the insie of the door panel to see how thick of a baffle you can make.... I think you will find it will the cdt will fit pretty easily.

Well, due to limited space and a 90 watt per channel amp, I decided to go with the Infinity 6000CS. If the tweets are too harsh, I can always buy silk tweeters by themselves at a later date.

Because of a bad experience with trying to return a blown amp bought through unauthorized internet retailer, I went with Crutchfield. A bit higher prices, but at free shipping and some nice discounts, I ended up paying $291 for the comps, Profile CA400M amp for wife's car and wiring kit with an extra RCA cable for my amp (Clarion APA5241).

So, the speakers were $144, amp was $90, wiring kit was $40 and the extra RCA cable was $17. Free shipping and no worries about warranty or returning stuff if something goes bad.

Just to let you know, you will be very happy with the CA400M, it's a great amp. Not too mention the price is right //

Thanks! The previous amp hooked up to the Infinity sub (10.1D) was a JBL 600.1 that was supposed to run that sub pretty **** well. It came from Ikesound without any papers or original packaging with signs of usage. I had it installed at a pro shop nearby and the setup sounded weaker than my 100 watt amp running a Punch HE sub (no kidding!). The JBL amp burnt up after a few months, but I lost the receipt and Ikesound conveniently lost any records of me purchasing the amp from them. Since they are an unauthorized internet seller I couldn't even get it fixed under warranty and was SOL. THis time I bought everything from Crutchfield and I'm gonna install it myself, so no screwing around anymore.

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