Need a dual 2...magnum?

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I'm looking for a 12 inch dual 2 ohm (maybe single 4) SQ driver to run in a 1-1.5 ft^2 sealed enclosure. I need something efficient, I plan to run it off the rear channels of a 4 channel amp, so it should see about 300W @ 4ohms (maybe as little as 250).

Will a Magnum hit w/ only 300 watts? an IDMax or IDQ? EDO?

I need some suggestion for drivers in the $150-300 range that fit the description above, thanks.


Well every Magnum that's ever been produced is a dual 2 Ohm woofer, so they should fit your needs.
Maybe you misunderstood, I'm not asking the VC config of the Magnum, I'm asking if I can run it on 250-300W.

Front stage will be 6.5 comps seeing about 100W.

Maybe you misunderstood, I'm not asking the VC config of the Magnum
I'm looking for a 12 inch dual 2 ohm (maybe single 4) SQ driver to run in a 1-1.5 ft^2 sealed enclosure.
Sure looks like you did!
Maybe you misunderstood
I don't think I did?
Nick answered your question. You can also run it on 250-300W, but it won't be loud.


I wasn't asking if the Magnum was a D2, I was asking if it was efficient. Anyway, I'm just loooking for suggestions. Do you think a Magnum would be too underpowered at 300W w/ comps running at 100W up front? You said it wouldn't be loud, would a Perfect 12.1 that only wants about 400W be any louder, i.e. is it more efficient (I know its not a dual 2, but for comparison sake)?

Well you might want to look around at other drivers if you're looking for extremely high efficiency. The Magnum's are efficient...actually very efficient for the size/performance of the speaker, but they aren't as efficient as other smaller subwoofers. Unless you plan on upgrading your amplifier later on down the road you might want to look at other subs. Perhaps look at less expensive 10's or 12's and pick up a pair of them.

DB, I looked into the Shiva, but its a dual 8, I have no need to run it at 16 or as a single 8. It doesn't give me any real flexibility. Also, Adire describes it as an SPL driver for small enclosures, so I'm not sure it really fits my needs.

Electro, I can't do two drivers b/c I have a very small trunk and plan to do a stealth box in the small area in between my rear seat and trunk liner (where the gas tank sits in my car). So I want to do one 12. I want a dual 2 b/c down the line I'll probably add a class D, but for now I don't want to have to upgrade the charging system.

I thought about IB, but getting a good seal seemed more trouble than it was worth. And someone mentioned something to me about sealing the cabin totally woudn't give airbags pressure an escape path.

So, I still need suggestion for a dual 2 (possibly a single 4) that is more efficient than a Magnum.

Id deffinatly look at the shiva, it would fit your needs perfectly. Otherwise the IDmax is very efficiant and would also work but i dont know if its in your price range, if you can find one, then go for it.

I didn't mean to say that I couldn't run it at 4ohm, only that it would be the same as a sinlge 4 for all intents and purposes - I could really I only run it at 4 ohms, it wouldn't offer me the option to run it 1 ohm if/when I add a class D.

I will take a closer look at both the IDMax D2 and the Shiva though. Thanks

Hmmm, they are a dual 2, though recommended power is 500/1000 - I'll shoot them an email and see how they run on less. I have to look into Incriminator, Ive heard of them, but never heard them. Thanks

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