Mounting amp on trunk lid?

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I have a profile cl1200 amp and do not want to mount it on the floor of the trunk because i want to be able to use the trunk what do you think about mounting it upside down on the inside of the trunk lid? I know it might not be as pretty as you guys like but it may be innovative. will this have any adverse side effects? ill be running 2 12" punch hx2's off of it so ittl be pushed all the way. //

i don't suggest that.. why not on the back of the rear seats on the side of the trunk ........ having an amp upside down all day, having ur sub put pressure on it too ..... then all that shaking from the trunk lid (mixing w/the heat of ur amp)..

hmmm, i guess it could work -i'd never do it

thinking the same thing, it's gonna vibrate a ton, be exposed to a bunch of heat from the sun, and when you slam the trunk it's gonna rattle everything inside the amp :stuck:

Thats what i started thinkin too oh well. what if i mounted the box so that my subs are facing up in my trunk( like toward the deck where my 6x9's are and then just mounted the amp on the blank front of the box would my subs sound as good?

if you mount your amp upside down it will overheat. the heat gets realeased through the top of the amp and with top of the amp facing down getting rid of heat, that heat will then rise and the amp will never be able to stay cool. i hope this made sense

to big for under the seat. i mounted it on the backside of the box but im worried it will not get enough air there.
you will get better air behind the box then upside down on the trunk lid. if you mount it upside down, the only air the amp will get is the hot air being realesed from the amp because when the hot air leaves the amp it rises and will go back into the amp therefore the amp will never cool properly.

Though i would bring this back to life oppose to making a new thread, heh....

I want to do the same, but perfectly understand the heat problem.

So i got an idea...

The amp upsid-down on the truck lid of course, but its also in its own small sealed type of compartment, with plexi-glass over the top of the amp, with maybe 1-2 inches of clearing.... from the top of the amp and the plexiglass so it can breath a little...

Then, have a 1-2" round hose from inside the compartment where the amp is, run hidden long the trunk lid down the sides to the bottom of the trunk, or even outside of the vehicle, for intake... and a fan or two blowing the heat from the amp out into the trunk, from the hose sitting at the bottom of the trunk or outside.... or perhaps run it inside the car incase i throw on the A/C //

So since the heat sent out from the amp compartment rises, the plexiglass would also be like an insulator between the amp's temp and the temp inside the trunk and wont rise up into the amp compartment till the Fan(s) are off...

What do you guys think? hehe, it sounds easyer than it might be....

why dont you build some sort of little compartment that hangs down from the top of the trunk lid, and then just mound the amp right side up? I would still suggest a few fans though, but its better than mounting it upside down.

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