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I have a Black 1994 Mazda Protege. It has the stock 4 cyl 16 valve SOHC fuel injected engine. I am trying to stay as inexpensive as possible. I have installed a blue breather filter and blue silicone vaccum hoses. I have also installed blue split loom on hoses and wires, as well as a braided hose kit. In addition I have painted various components blue (valve cover, heat shield, and brackets). I would like to convert the stock air system (rectangular filter) to a cold air cone filter system. The only problem with this is the Mass air flow sensor. Is there any way of bypassing or "rigging" the sensor in any way? Any other suggestions for modifications are greatly appreciated.

What kind of engine should I convert it to in the future if any at all?

Other mods include blue neon underbody kit, blue strobe lights in headlights, blue flame light up seat covers, custom blue mesh front bumper, sound system, aluminum APC spoiler, as well as many other neons (blue LED exhaust tip, blue license plate neon, blue LED washer squirters, blue neon bar lights, and blue neon speaker rings).

The sound system includes a total of 10 speakers:

2 Boss tweaters (250 watts each)

2 Boss 6.5 inch (300 watts each)

4 Boss 6x9's (500 watts each)

2 Infinity 12" subs (1235 watts each)

1 Boss 1 farad cap

all fed by a Pioneer head unit (DEH P7300)

powered by a boss 4 channel amp (high and mid)and

a 2 channel kenwood excelon amp with motorized door (subs)

I also have a coustic crossover installed.

Hmm, one word....RICE!!!!!

Hey, i noticed you are in portage. I'm in good ole Valpo.

As for the car, i dont know what to say. Ditch all of the boss crap. Check out to see if anyone makes a cold air kit for your car.

I can't believe how much blue neon you have on your car. It must look like a dance club going down the road. But to each his own i guess.

I bought a '93 protogay for $100 a ways back, fell victim to hurricane Allison. Suprisingly enough the little POS had some guts. I took the top end apart and gasket matched everything and it ran pretty good, beat my buddies 86 T/A, not saying much. But, look into parts for the MX-3 it has the same motor, you can get a Pacesetter header (rhymes) and Weapon R makes a adapter kit for the protogay.

At I found a couple of things, but not much; pulley kit, cat-back exhuast, a chip, springs, struts, sway bars, slotted rotors and brake pads. As far as adapting a cone filter to its intake, you need an adapter plate; I've seen them used on other vehicles, including the Protoge's cousin, the Ford Escort. In fact, if you find an adapter plate for a Escort LX, it might work. I would suggest swapping in the DOHC 1.8 Mazda motor from either the upper model Protoge, MX-6 (Four cylinder model) or the Ford Escort GT (Had the Mazda 1.8) of the same year. I THINK the motor was also used in the Miata, but you would still need the trans and axles for the FWD.

By going with the DOHC 1.8 your options open up a lot more; i've seen a good selection of parts out there. Although, you might have to look under "94 Escort GT" to find anything. This is just on the engine; suspension and brakes are specific to that car I believe.


what the fu(k are you fu(king thinking?

look at me guys i have a piece of chit car...but it glows blue like its full of radiation...i hope all the 12 year old kids will like it...

edit: ok maybe i shoudnt have been so rough, but i do think the best modification you can do to your car is to puta big FOR SALEsign on the windshield.

whats with all the neon? sub rings, winshield squirter neons, and worse yet the license plate neon?? a little bit is all right if it fits the car, but that isnt even road legal. by the time you get done buying all those lights, you can buy an older used civic, with the spoiler and stuff that you want that would probably suit you...ayy

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