Maybe I found a deal.... Kicker Solo L7

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I went into my friendly neighborhood pawnshop and found, much to my surprise, a Kicker Solo baric 15," in about a 4cu ft ported box i assume it is to the factory specs of the woofer. When you so much as tapped the cone an satisfying thud came out of it. The proprietor hooked it up to California 600 and it bumped fierce. I think it might be a an equal (i.e. replacement) for my 2 15" Orions, which in all honesty need more power than I can afford to be any louder than I already have them (140 maybe as much as 145 estimated db by audio pro) The Kicker is a dual 4ohm voice coil with I think handles 1000 watts max power. This is perfect as my amp is 2 ohm when it is bridged, and it's max power is 1000 watts.


Will the Kicker outdo the 2 Orions (1000 max 500 rms 4 ohm svc) which were probably produced in the early 90's, or should I dump them and put in the single Kicker? BTW, I do really like my Orions, but if the Kicker can outdo them I can get 300 offa them and come up and out 100 bucks up so i can buy that pair of Alpine 6x9's I've wanted for 6 months now.... Enlighten me.

With that amp only giving the L7 500 you would need a bigger box. I would get another amp if you plan on getting that thing. Probably around 1200 rms or so....

The L7 should shut those orions up but it's all in the install....

He wants 200 for it. I'm not sure of the box cubes, but relative size to others I've seen about 4-5 cuft. it is an older Solo, not like the pics of new ones on the 'net.

BDIDDY... Does it need THAT much power? I want to keep my amplifier. It makes my orions knock pretty hard but they go into over-excursion before it can dump into one ohm. (at least I think it does that, not sure) The reason I'm looking at it is more bang for my buck.

With that amp only giving the L7 500 you would need a bigger box. I would get another amp if you plan on getting that thing. Probably around 1200 rms or so....
The L7 should shut those orions up but it's all in the install....

A buddy of mine blew a 15 L7 with 1200w rms.

He was running the KX1200.1

What I'm looking for here is what subs will i get the most bump out of with the same amp? Sorry if ne1 was confuesd.

if I had 1200 rms now i wouldn't be changing subs.

5-600 is probably enough, if you have a bigger box....

Just depends on what you want to do with it. You probably won't be getting any kind of SQ out of it, unless you can come up with a good install. Also I don't know if I'm right but the old ones had problems with either the surround, or power handling....

If you have the money just go to Ebay and buy a new one. This way you know it won't have any problems and if you buy from I think you even get a warranty. Plus that amp will give plenty of power to the L7. Do it, Do it Do it :up2someth

So you all think I should? I don't care much about SQ as long as it hits FAST and TIGHT at HIGH VOLUMES. My Orions have incredible sound quality, but not at high voume, and they have squeaky voice coils hat high ex. I'm going back there soon to see if I can get it.

// :eek:mg: //

No one told me exactly HOW much these things kicked ass!!!

All L7 owners who viewed but didn't respond to this should be ashamed of themselves.

This subwoofer is as loud as my TWO Orions AND! AND It's LOUDER!

diplexers, you are the man. I am going to buy that thing for sure.

I am astonded at the overall volume that comes out of it and by the massive excursion. Clarity is nowhere near my other ones. It is power hungry, but I have alot more balls left to my amp so I think it could be louder.

L7's rule!

If someone wants to buy some Orions...

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