I wasn't sure the appropriate forum so this is being posted here. This is a warning to anyone thinking about buying from Do not do is not worth the hassle.

My experience began when I ordered some Image Dynamics 5.25" chameleon components through them. The first indication that something was not right with them came when I was filling out the form for them to price match another site. I had to consent for my credit card to be billed WITHOUT knowing whether or not they would honor the price match and also WITHOUT knowing how much the shipping and handling charges would be. Honestly, I should have stopped right there and went to another website. When the package arrived it was open. Everything looked new but even so my package should not have been open. After inspection I came to realize that I was missing the mounts for the tweeters to be mounted on the woofers and also the speaker wire that was suposed to be included. The next step was calling them on my dime because they dont have an 800 number and refuse to answer emails in a timely fashion. After being put on hold twice I was finally told the items would be shipped out ASAP. One week later I to call them AGAIN on my dime to see why my items had not arrived. After being put on hold for a minimum of 15 minutes I was told they were shipped out that day. This is the point I am at now....I will update this post if the parts ever get here.

The one positive thing I can say for them is that they original package did arrive quickly. That being said I will NEVER order from them again and I urge others to stay away also. Since I am flaming one website for there lack of service I may as well recommend 2 sites I have had positive experiences with. Those sites are and If carmedia has what you are looking for in stock they are great but I would only order via phone because they tend to not have things in stock. I had a 100% positive experience with cbrstereo. They had the cheapest price on the web for the item I was buying and also excellent customer support.

Its amazing how stupid companies are. They don't realize how a bad customer experience can create an exponential effect on future customers. By screwing up this one transaction, they have lost potentially hundreds of new customers due to word of mouth. I'm sure everyone who reads this thread will let others know about the potential risk involved with shopping at mainstreet. Customer service IS a BIG deal. //

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