Mach 460 mercury question.

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NOTE: i posted this in wiring section and got absolutely no responce. It was a little disapointing so i decided to try to re-post in a forum with a little more traffic.

Hey i just bought a 2001 mercury lesabre today for 10 grand. And let me tell you the 24 valve engine has some balls for a mercury.

well anyways i was planning on putting in a new system. It has a Mach audio system, which is simply the most impressive "stock" systems i have seen to date. My existing equipment from my last car include and Alpine 9013. 2xPioneer 5way 6x9s. And 2xInfinity perfect 6 and 1/2. Question one if i was to swap out the head unit would there be some typ of mounting kit that will allow me to fit and standard din an a half stereo in the very strange cicular console.

Question two. The dealer was telling me that the mach system has several small amplifiers in the system. I did not ask him to elborate but i take that to mean there is an small amplifier in the back to power the rear speakers. If there is will i be able to use the preamp signal going into these and steal them for some aftermaket woofers. If not does anyone know if the stock mach system has any pre-amp out puts, as i have hear that speaker level amps have poor quality. If at all possible i think i would like to leave the stock deck in until i get the money to pop a TV in the dash.

Question three. Is there anywhere i could get a hold of wiring diagrams for a 2001 mercury lesable as i am an electronics engineering student i would not really have that many questions for you guys if i could get a hold on one of them. I tried looking around the mercury website and found absolutely no help there.

Thanks for any help you can offer me!

ps. if you would like to actually talk to me instead of just posting and waiting for me to reply you can contact me at my aim handle DREWCOOK7. I am usually on some time after 10pm.

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