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I had a mono Alpine sub amp installed with a LOC by tapping into a rear speaker - ...question is that the installer only tapped off of the right side speaker...so when I shift balance to the left there is no bass at all.....should the LOC be hooked up to both right and left rear speaker lines (the LOC that is)? Am I losing half the "bass" signal or does it not matter as it is a mono amp?....sorry for the confusing question but it should be a very simple answer. Thanks in advance

Yah, usually LOC's are stereo and you feed both channels to the amp. You can't depend on all music to have the same bass out both channels.

Well I am using one from Best Buy (orange and black one) and one from the world famous Radio Shack...would switching to a David Navone 4 channel (or (2) 2 channels ones of his improve things noticeably? I understand that it "should" be connected to both left and right channels as there is usually different bass signals routed to each side....I just needed some confirmation before I tried attatcking it as it is under my rear seat. Thanks a lot

I've used David Navone LOC's in different installs for years. I just put a new DN 4-channel loc on a 5-year old aftermarket cd-player w/ weak pre-outs. This loc works like a charm gives great SQ. They are some of the best on the market.

BUT, in your application, you're just using it for a sub. I would first get the loc installed properly, both left and right, as others posted. Then see how that works. If you are unsatisfied, then DN has great locs. Some are even strictly for lowpass applications.

For the price Navone units can't be beat. Plenty of options to choose from, quality units (although their 9.5V rating on the 77 and some others may be a little overrated).

Yes I agree that it does depend on HU output voltage but I think the Mod was speaking of a "line driver loc". Anyways, I appreciate the input. I am using 1 of the LOCs (probably the Best Buy one) - I haven't checked yet. Would I be better off with a higher quality LOC for the front stage? Boston Acous. Pro Series 6.5 driven with a JBL GTO series shitty amp.....upgrade amp first of loc first?

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