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Anybody know how expensive it is to get wireless internet on a PC in my truck? I just got an old laptop w/ no other real use for it. Lookin for some voice activation, voice keyboard, whatever I can think of, use my buddy list instead of my broke-ass old nokia.... online videos, more MP3s than I'd ever know what to do with, streaming music online (forget $200 a year for some sirius BS), seems like the possibilities are endless

just one probem-any of you know is it even possible, or am I thinking about this stuff 5 years too early? my mama told me it'd melt the computer, but she don't know what she's talking about any more than I do.

if anybody knows a better place where I could post this, please point me there. I just figured this would be the best place to catch an expert or 2...

As far as the internet connection, you'd have to get satellite for it to work everywhere. it's pricey and I'm not sure if you would want the hardware in your ride. Takes up a good amount of space, and I don't know if the antennae they have are small enough to be "inconspicous". Unless you don't really mind cruising with a dss dish on your roof. They may have something small out now, but last year when I was looking into it for the house they had nothing that was very small, and it was like 500 just for the equipment then like 100 a month.

Hello, I just wanted to post a thread here and give some of you a first hand glimpse of Hybrid Mobile Technologies, Mobile Media Center... It will obviously play all types of media including DVD, but will also be completely skinable as well as User configurable, on the Hardware side we have a 8 port relay module that is controlled through the same GUI, in addition the Relay Module has 4 inputs that can be mapped to trigger any relay output when voltage is present.... pretty cool stuff! The official Release date on MMC V1.0 is May 15th, I will post more as things progress, feel free to email me if you have questions.


Screen shots are of MP3 media player and main menu



i second http://www.mp3car.com

as for wireless internet...i think wireless broadband for verizon should be coming in the next year? i could be wrong. it wont be cheap, either. other than that...possibly a wifi card.

you could also try gps...

Havent you guys seen that commercial were the string puppet goes into future shop and asks to look at a lap top and when the girl says "its got wireless internet" he goes, "did you say, WIRELESS" then they start playing this tune that goes "im free im free! no longer a puppet on a string!" lol wouldnt that work, its got some little rubber antennae sticking out the side.

As for another option, couldnt you hook up your lap top to your cell phone and get some sort of internet connection plan or something???

Wireless will only work if your near an access point. You can buy these at Best Buy and such which would allow you to access the internet and your home network. Of course there are plenty of people out there who don't secure their networks so with the proper software and knowledge you could use ANY wireless access point you happen across. You could also set up your cell phone to act as a modem but you would have the associated cost on your cell (most likely) and of course ISP cost. As for dish access I'm not sure nor have I looked into it. Just my .02

i dont know if its next year or in a few years but in major cities they are seting up internet connections that are wireless and you could even use them in subaways and there is no problem with it i saw it on tech tv

I have a wireless access on my PC and it is great. My work provides the service so I don't know the exact cost. The service is provided by Version Wireless and uses a PCMCIA Aircard which is a cell phone. They provide this service almost everywhere in the United States, we have techs in everystate that use it. I have a small antenna that works with the laptop on the move and I have a exta one in the truck that gives me better coverage. I get a 115K connection and can surf Enternet and do my email all day long, it is just like sitting at a desk but in your truck. :thumbsup

that verizon wireless internet stuff is saying that u can use a router with wireless access point capabilities. Its nothing new. Ive been using it in my house for like 2 years. Instead of stretching a cat5 cable across the house, u just use a wireless card with ur router. They only have a range of 100 feet or so unless u get an antenea.

as for internet in ur car, u could try wardriving ;x

Driving around with a laptop and a wireless card looking for wireless hotspots. Find an access point with no encryption or break the encryption and u can surf from ur car or wherever

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