kompressed wire?

Haven't used it, but I am guessing it is probably less fleixble, and can support a little bit less current, but it looks cool and would probably nestle well.

thanks, i thought that it might support less current or something as well. could it still be considered 4 gauge, or are there no regulations with things like that? if it does drop some current i wonder if it's noticable. anyone have experience with it?

The kompressed wire can handle nearly as much power as the standard wire according to knuconceptz.

I purchased and installed some about two weeks ago. It is flatter and easier to fit through spots and can settle flat along the door sills, but it isn't quite as flexible as the standard 0/1.

I will say that all the 0/1 fron knuconceptz is a lot for flexible than you would think.

I have a couple (4-5) of feet of each somewhere in the classifieds. Let me know if you are interested.

i'm looking for compressed 4 gauge wire since i was told that normal 4 gauge would be a pain to install. thanks anyways

a guy at work told me that it is REALLY hard to intall compared to 8 gauge. he seemed to know what he was talking about with installs, apparently not. i dont trust his knowledge in car audio at all anymore. he told me that a JL amp would sound better than "anything else" and that it would be apsolutely neccesary to have rear-fill otherwise it would sound "horrible". i guess some people are good at appearing to be very confident on a subject they know nothing about.

so 4 gauge would be extremely easy to install in a 95 acura integra?

i got a 94... yank the kick out.. yank the side door sills out... and pull the carpet up... then take out the backseats.. bam... u can run whatever you want under the carpet there then put everything back 2gether.. wire will come out under the rear seats....

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