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I have a new 2004 Kicker 10" L7 solo-baric sub, and have access to two separate amps. I need help picking one out!

One is a Rockford Fosgate Power 551s which puts out 550 watts when bridged to one channel. It has a 50-250 Hz high-pass/low-pass crossover, 24 dB/ octave setup. No subsonic filter.

The other is a Rockford Fosgate 1001 BD which puts out 500 watts, but it is a mono-channel amp with a subsonic filter.

Which one out of these two would be more ideal for my sub? I have heard that a subsonic filter is good for these subs for efficiency, so it would get louder and play better. I have the sub in a small sized SEALED box. Any information that anyone may have would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you guys!!!

P.S. If there are any other amps that are

need more info: Is it 2ohm or 4ohm? Do you plan on putting it in a ported box? Are you looking for SPL or SQ?

Basics - The L7's need lots of power. The smaller the sealed box the more power you need to play it. The most efficient box would definatly be a good size ported box. A sub-sonic filter is only used for a ported box, usually set at or about the tuning freq.

Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS RMS ) 600

Min Rec Sealed Box Vol (CU. FT.).66

Max Rec Sealed Box Vol (CU. FT.) 1.0

Min Rec Vented Box Vol* (CU. FT.) 1.25

Max Rec Vented Box Vol* (CU. FT.) 2.25

Hope this helps a little.


Its 4 ohm in a small, truck style sealed box. I want a good combination of SQ and SPL. What kind of power from what kind of amp would be a good idea for obtaining that? Thank you for replying to my thread. I really appreciate your help.

ok - its a 4ohm DVC sub. So that means you get a 2ohm mono load. You need to find an amp that has good power at 2 ohms mono/bridged. If the box is as small as I think it is, then you will need ALOT of power to make any SPL. You would have been better off getting an L5 or ComVR. These subs take less power to play and are a little more forgiving. L7 is a big boy sub, meaning it makes alot of noise and takes alot of power to do it.

Assuming your box is .75 cuft, I would guess an amp of atleast 450watts (bridged) would be in the ball park. When it comes to amps - its always better to have too much than not enough. Give me an idea what your budget is and maybe I can help point you in the right direction?


Well, actually the voice coils are set in series to make a 4ohm impedence. I was thinkin that 500-600 watts would be good...

I have about 400 bucks for an amp. I've seen some amps that I could bridge to make a lot of wattage in this price range (from RF and others in that ballpark).

You could go with an MTX 801D, 800 RMS at 2 ohms, of course your going to have to turn the gain down a lot, but it's always nice knowing you have the power if you ever need it. Besides those amps are pretty good and the 801D is cheap as hell. Of course I'm going to recommend the JL 500/1. You can pick one up for less the $450 shipped at That sub in a sealed box and the 500/1 with a dampening of 250 at 2 ohms would sound very nice. Theirs so many things you can do out their. You don't neccesarily have to put your sub at mono, you could just buy a 2 channel amp and if you ever feel like you want another sub you have the option of adding another. Their so many things you can do out their and I'd look a little harder because you can do a lot better than rockford amps if your willing to spend 400.

Well, actually the voice coils are set in series to make a 4ohm impedence. I was thinkin that 500-600 watts would be good...
I have about 400 bucks for an amp. I've seen some amps that I could bridge to make a lot of wattage in this price range (from RF and others in that ballpark).
you said youve got the DVC 4 ohm model, if you wire the coils in a series you will have an 8 ohm load, n ot 4. parallel will give you a 2 ohm load.

EDIT: ^^ Beat me to it //

Well, let me list all the information real quickly (btw, i really appreciate you guys helpin me out here!):

-Kicker 10" L7 600 watt RMS in approx. .75 cu sealed box (truck style - like kicker's recommended sealed box)

-4 ohm impedence - 2ohm wired in series

I'm open to any and all suggestions on amps that will give me the most SQL, but the amp must be under 400 bucks. I would prefer a 2 channel bridged, but am open to ANYTHING that is good (like a monoblock). Thank you guys again for all the help you've been giving! It's really helped.

That dosn't make any sense if its a 4 ohm sub and U wire in series and it goies to 2 need to get your facts straight before anyone can really help you. And it helps to refer to it as DVC 2 or 4 ohm.

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