Kenwood KCA BT200/BT300 13Pin to 9 PIN adapter pinout

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I was given a secondhand KCA BT300 bluetooth unit that I would like to connect to my KVT 526DVD - unfortunately BT unit didn't come with the 13 pin to 9 pin adapter required to connect it to my HU. There is a 13 pin DIN female connector at the back of the HU, that is normally used for the CD changer, however its header plug is exactly as the header plug of the 5L connector normally used for BT.

And here comes my problem/request - could anyone who owns such system, or the adaptor cable itself, check which pins on the 13pin plug are connected to the 9pin end of the said adapter cable and post a simple diagram? Below is the link to the adaptor on Ebay, but first it is far too expensive and secondly it is from the US, so not an option.

Regards, Ark.
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