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took a good long time, also changed the rca plugs, only cus i bought a kit for the wire, (30 bucks BOSS wires) ain no big thang, better than buyin 4 ga wire at two bucks a foot, and the rca wires they brought were thick as ****. since i ****ed up the amp that was supposed to power my 2 12's (Pioneers TS305DVC 400RMS 800MAX) , i gatta sue this amp i had layin around (kicker kx150.2) that i used to use on the pioneers before i got my new amp that i ****ed up (tsunami 1000d).

well, anyways, now that i hooked it up to 4 ga wiring, the bass is sounding louder apparently. i would say im 85 percent sure that it is... does wiring matter THAT much, even if your still using the same amp? i dont know how the wiring could've helped, maybe its just my ears... deffinaly liking the sound tho, itll do till i get my tsunami replaced, then itll b bangin... one more question, any recommendation on a pair of good tweeters? and how would i hook them up, wire wise. i have my inside speakers hooked up to an amplifier. thanks

4awg wire up from 8 is always good. When I switched I gained 20db on my readout and used my old 8 gage for speaker wire! (Evil laugh, crackling electricity in background) As for the tweeters, I have no idea whatsoever on the brand, but I'd say the best way to go is just some nice speakers. Alpine, more like it, as just off of the HU I can get absolutely deafening treble (when SQ bites it is beyond me, because i have to cover my ears! just too goddarn loud!). In fact so loud that a friend of mine, who loves such things, sold his satellite tweets for all round alpines. If you have a seperate amp is all the better because you can x-over out the bass frequencies that the Alpines don't like. Seriously they will get a tad blatty with too much bass. O, and the sound quality is good , besides bieng loud... Good luck man.

thanks, yea thats exactly what i did, in the crossover i turned it to only highs, so when on the head unit i pull full bass blast, it doesnt distort at all inside speakers, cus they only playin highs, sounding real nice though...

the first thing i changed in my car were the inside speakers... way back then i didn kno anything compared to what ive been learning lately... so i bought a pair of soundstreams (vanquish) 6x9's 200 max, and a pair of power acoustiks 6.5's 250 max. 30 bucks a pair for both... im liking the sound that they're putting out, but from any of you guys experience, comparing them to, lets say, pioneers, or alpines, is replacing them really making a big difference? i love highs just as much as i love bass, well maybe not that much, but recently more since ive heard my friends aftermarket tweeters in his car. i have stock ones in my car but they either don't seem to be hooked up, or they're not loud. so i'd like to put some in, prolly wire them to the head unit since all the speaker outs in the headunit arent being used.

thanks crown vic

unfortunatly... no. whole lotta stuff could've happened, i guess its impossible to find out what really happened. the facts are i turned it up really loud, bass test song, after like half an hour of usage.... fuse by battery (on battery cable) blew so hard looks melted.... and power goes off. when changed fuse, amp is in protected mode...

after asking around, getting helped from message boards, i came to the conclusion that it was either the battery cables fault (it was only 8 gauge, no enough for 1000rms@1ohm) -((not getting enough voltage to the amp or sump liek that)), orrrr, yup, thats the only thing i can think of, wiring was perfect. oh wait, the amp was refurbished so it may have been already messed up from the factory and just finished messing up. oh well, thanks for the interest, i sent it back and im getting it replaced for free (said it was DOA hee hee hee). already changed the wiring to boss 4 gauge wiring, and im hoping i dont mess up the upcoming tsunami. lets pray it doesnt...

i see you live in orlando, have you ever heard of ocala, its about 70 miles north of there, dont come here, its boring as hell, bunch of retired citizens that cant drive and cant stand noise lol, good luck with the amp man

haha, ya matter fact, i be goin up there everynow and then. my fathers got a dealer license and i go to car auctions in ocala everynow and then.. know any good car audio stores around the area?

yea there is alot of car audio stores here, i havent been to most of them, the best one is probably ultimate audio 2, they sell kicker and JL for pretty cheap

I know wiring plays a huge part in my system but it might be different for others. When I re did my distribution system and went from fused to circuit breakers I could play my music louder then before.

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