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Just bought 2 Jensen XS 10 inch woofers off of my friend. They sound nice, but i don't know what the wattage is or can i find anything on the internet about them. He was running a 150W RF Amp with them. But i think that i'm going to need some more. Anyone own(ed) some of them and have any idea what they are? Thanks


Sorry man, but you kinda got ripped...Unless the box is a phenomenal custom you could have got the thing for way cheaper. Walmart sells the subs for cheap, and you could have spent 20 bucks and built your own box, or got someone to do it for you.

Your running Jensen, so why not run a pyramid or legacy amp? Cheap and will probably sound alright with those subs.


I bought a jensen 10 in bandpass for ~$80 for my first sub. It wasn't that bad at the time. I didn't know any better then this guy did. I got a clarion amp though and it was a beast. Some of the old clarion amps were made by zapco. It was rated at 50x2 and 150x1 at 4 ohms but it pushed around 200rms.

Lanzar and profile make pretty good cheap amps.

i got some of those jensens from a friend and then i hooked them up to the wall
I suggest you try to get your money back, and save up for something better(always research BEFORE you buy). If he won't refund your money, beat his ***. If your unable to do that, count your losses and plug'em up to the wall like Justin did, and watch them blow.


Don't plug them into the wall man...just incase you haven't been around long or heard about that, it sends thousands of watts to them and it'll blow your sub in less than 3 seconds.

Don't be so harsh on the guy, everybody (or a lot of people anyways) buy mediocre equipment and upgrade later. Everyone can look back and say "if I only would have known better and not wasted my money..." but in all honesty, car audio is a learning buy what you like, get the urge for something better, learn some things and get something better...sometimes this process just keeps going and that's the fun in it. Enjoy what you have man and if you're looking for a good cheap map, lanzar and profile as mentioned before make decent amps and they're pretty cheap.

I would stay away from the amps like legacy and pyle, along with pyramid just because well....they're not worth the metal used to make them in my opinion.

get u a jenson amp there really cheap and work good i had one and i it lasted 4 years jenson is not all that bad and the subs u got sound better then rockford fosgate punch Z subs well at least thats what i think......................

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