Is it best to stick with one brand?

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Im asking this more as an opinion question. To see how many people stick with a single brand for almost everything, or how many people piece together different brands for different pieces of equip.

This is what I've heard, not what I know. I've been told that with speakers you should stick with the same brand cause each brand has it's own distinct sound and when you mix them it's harder to EQ and get it to sound right since they have different specs/qualities. If you stick with the same brand they react the same way with adjustments. But of course this is only what I've heard, not what I personally experienced. Does make sense though.

Do any brands out there make awesome H/U's, EQ's, Cross-Overs, Mounting plates, Various Kits, Drivers, Amplifiers, Batteries, Caps, Wire, Enclosures, Fuses, Sound Deadener and Distro Blocks?

I don't know of any brand that makes all of the above, in a "high-quality" way.

So, I mix brands. //


The only brand I can think of that is an "all in one" brand that is decent is RF although I'm not a fan of them since they became mainstream.

There are alot of companies out there and most are known or good at just one or two of the catagories.

Some companies start out only making one thing but then expand to grab a hold of a bigger percentage of the market. I remember when PG was only making wiring kits and JL audio only making subs.

Alpine makes good HU's, amps, subs, speakers, changers, eqs, processors, dvd players, and monitors so you could stick with them on the big stuff, even though they aren't the best at each thing mentioned (although their HU's probably are best). I don't see any reason at all to stick with one brand on a system unless you are one of those people that like to brag that they have everything in one expensive brand. The only thing Alpine I won't get are the amps, which are too expensive, and sometimes it's wise just to get stuff based on price for the same quality. Just my opinons.

It's great to stick with the same brand if you are basically using your car as a show car. but for anything else you should try an take the best of the different brands because nobody has the best everything (especially not Alpine) although i have to agree about the HU it's between them and Eclipse

speakers is probably the only thing you want the same brand of, but everything else shouldnt matter anyways.

i like diamond audio, thats why i have there speakers, sub and amps, and i know some people that really like eclipse and have all there stuff, and so on. its all about preference.

I agree that speakers should be a the same brand. When I got my Eclipse HU, I was playing around with the timing correction in the professional mode, and i couldn't get the imaging just right. The rear speakers sounded slightly muffled compared to the fronts. I was running Premium MB Quarts in the front and Rally Comp Bostons in the back. The Quarts were much more efficient then the Bostons and once i replaced the rears with another premium set, everything was fine. Another point to make is that you can cross brands for anything, for example, running Boston comps with a sony amp, but be ware that your setup is only as strong as the weakes component. The sony amp may not put out the amount of juice that the comp set would like.

I used to have all infinity for speakers but I switched the subs to RE. I don't think it makes too much of a difference. Actually the RE sound pretty good with infinity stuff.

All my drivers are Infinity Kappa and the sub too. my HU is Pioneer and the amps are Audiobahn. You should really keep the cabin drivers all the same brand but on the sub it dosen't really matter. I wanted ALL of my speakers the same and will always keep them the same brand. It makes for better interaction and a harmonious sound.

Its all about preference, as explained several times keep cabin speakers the same and keep all the subs the same. Otherwise it takes more to tweek them. I stuck with all the same brand except for HU and wire. Mostly because it is a show car. The reason i didn't keep HU the same is because PA's headunits are plain as hell. And kenwood makes some pretty cool looking ones but they are a P.O.S. I wish i would have gotten something different. Just my 3 cents though

Doesn't much matter if you're doing an SQ setup. Look at any DIY component setup. Rarely are the same brands utilized. If you're using rear fill, more than likely you're not eqing the system to the extent where varying nuances of each speaker become an issue.

Doesn't much matter if you're doing an SQ setup. Look at any DIY component setup. Rarely are the same brands utilized.
True on the component comment. But if you are going for SQ, then i would think that you would want to keep your drivers all the same or as closely matched as you can get.

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