is installing dynamat hard?

Very well worth the money. It helps stop the rattles and helps keep the sound where you want it, inside the car. It's very easy to put on, just cut it to the size you want it. Get a roller to put it on or a heat gun, stick it on and heat it up/roll it on and your done.

There is a little more to just lick and stick, Especially if it is going to be upside down. You will need to completely strip the interior of the area going to be done. Then you will need some acetone to and a cloth to clean the area that is going to be deadned. You need to make sure it is completely clean and oil and dirt free for it to stick properly. It will be easier to apply when the surface is warm. The aid of a small roller is a must (1" wide works good). Also a hairdryer or heatgun can be handy to. Pre cut the peices and dont cut them to big beacause big peices are hard to work with and if you dont know what your doing you will end up with air bubbles. You want to avoid any airbubbles because they will cause it to peel off over time leaving a big tar mess. Use the roller and apply from one side to other to avoid the air bubbles. The use of a razor to pop any unavoidable bubbles will help. If you are going to do multiple layers make sure that you clean the back of the previose layer with the acetone before applying the next layer. If you are going to apply it upside down do not use really thick deadner or more then 2 layers.

You can find better stuff then dynomat that is a lot cheaper if you do a search.

Check out Second Skin and Edead. I have over 100 sq foot of edead in my truck for less then half of what dynomat would have cost.

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