Infinity 1232w Reference

Would they? ive heard alot of good about bandpass.. and ive got some jl 12w4's without an amp lol, and ive got 1 hooked up in a plain square box and it hits really hard, but i wanna get rid of it.. Well wut do you think about the infinity 1232W's? they are 350 or 400 rms and 1200 max, ill get pics of them when i get it

well ive never had a set of infinitys but im sure they would sound ok .....just see for yourself, if you like them then thats all that matters it doesent matter what every1 else thinks.

i have the 1230ws and they sound really good in a sealed box, havent tried ported yet, but id recommend sealed box with them, i even had 500 RMS going to it b4 and it still sounded crystal clear, peace


Thanks guys, ive heard the 1230's and they sounded good in a custom sealed box, but all he had was an 850 watt xplod amp.. lol Thats like 300 rms most, Ill have a 1232 with a 1200/4 Rockford punch

Well i have a set of 1232's now, and they are they best in the reference series. Do you think 200 is a good price for the both of them brand new?

I havent got them in yet, i dont have an amp, just a 12w4 playing off a panasonic h/u for now, and it hits pretty hard. Everything in my Ford Ranger supercab shakes, but im going to wait till i get a diff car- '93 civic- and ive got a 1200/4 RF Punch amp /w the db remote coming to me for 100 $ with all the wires for it in a few weeks. I've got hooked up with a 70 % discount from best buy.

ya, over 200 bucks off =D but i gotta wait for a couple weeks cuz he just bought some subs.. but it has everything i need for the amp. I gotta question for you... What is the black foam type stuff that comes with the speakers? i have no clue what they are for. You know that 1232's have a higher db rating right? Yours are going at 90 db, mine are going at 93. Dont know how much that will make a diff. Also, yours isonly 4 ohms, mine is 2 or 8. Lol im kinda a newb to spl, ql what do they mean?

spl means sound pressure level, which means how loud bass gets, sq means sound quality, which is how good and clean it sounds. ur sensitivity rating, 93 db, is probly higher because urs are the 2 ohm ones, while mine are 4 ohms, and the black foam stuff is to stop air leaks or to block old holes on boxes i think, im not sure, i didnt use them, are the 1232ws dual voice coil or single?

yes, they are dvc's. Thanks for clearing up the spl sq for me. Im thinking bout getting all infinity coaxials and all the good stuff from best buy on employee discount from friends. Do you think a whole infinity reference system would sound good? ill be getting more amps for them and such later. Thnx for the help again

ive heard infintys coaxials and they were loud, i wish i would have bought infinity speakers instead of polk and pioneer, but i think a whole entire infinity system should be loud and clear


Thanks for all the help. I'm new to this car audio scene and i've got like no clue about some of this stuff. But later im going to build this really tight (small) sealed box.

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