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I currently own a 1985 volvo 740GL. I want more SQ.

Ive currently got this in the car:


-Soundstream 705s amplifier

4x 65WRMS and 1x 400WRMS Sub channel

-Pheonix Gold PLD-1 line driver

-Panasonic DP-102 HU


-Kicker 5.2 midbass

-Rockford fosgate fanatic Q tweeters

-Clarion SR1396 (ithink) crossovers modded for 7.8dB tweeter attenuation and also phase corrected


-Shcnideer 3way 6x9's (with phase corrected crossovers)


-Kicker 15" L7 Solobaric in a sealed (1.3Cuft box)

Cabling is all neotech for the power with quality RCA's ive made for the line level

I want to replace my HU with something better. are the sony CDX-850MP's any good...

Any ideas on how to make it sound better?

If the HU works then you likely won't see an improvement in SQ by getting a new one. If you just want a new HU look at Alpine, Pioneer or Eclipse.

Changes I would personally make:

1) Lose the 6x9s

2) Either have a proper crossover made for the front stage drivers that you have with correct values for the Zobel network or get a complete component set with a proper crossover.

3) Use the amp channels that you freed up be getting rid of the 6x9s to run one or more 6 or 8 inch midbasses per side to make the transition between the sub and the front stage.

4) Spend time aiming the front stage speakers for optimal imaging.

5) If you get a new HU get one with time correction and spend the time tuning that.

Those are my suggestions.

-The crossovers i am using for the fronts have the correct frequency crossover points and have a slope for 12dB/octave. I used an oscilloscope to design and construct the zobel network for phase correction.

I have HPF on the fronts at 55Hz ( i know this is pretty low) and they haven't bottomed out.

So would i see a significant inprovement in the sound if i had the crossovers professionally made?

-The 6x9's are left over from when i had no subs. i found they were drawing the soundstage too far back. so i constructed a LPF @ 7khz with a 3dB/octave roll off.

-The only spare 5 1/4" drivers i have unused is some alpine type S co-axial drivers.... i really dont feel these good enough though.

-I do have a spare 8" kicker solobaric driver should i try to find another one for the other door? or would a 4ohm vifa driver be better

-The head unit is ok... for low volume work. but when you crank it it distorts substantially. i have connected my discman up to my amp through the line driver and it was substantially louder and sonically better.

Change the cd player to a high voltage low impedence Eclipse, a 5 or 8 volt model. If you do not need MP3 then the CD5423 or the CD8443 (with time alignement) will do wonders to your system. It will also allow you to remove the line driver that you are currently using. This change will make a drastic difference in your system as far as sq and capabilites. Should you need MP3, the new models are rolling into authorized dealers as we speak, the new %volt model# CD5444 also has time alignment in it this year as well as MP3.

After that Helotaxi has posted some great advice for you to follow.

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