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I picked up a 1001bd amp, and one Power HX2 12" sub. Keep in mind these are both last years models. I was wondering what the best way to wire it up is? Is it going to be not putting out as much because it's only going to one sub? Or should I get a second sub, in order to get the full power out of the amp, going to each sub.

These are the stats on the amp.

Per channel power

500 W X 1 @ 4 Ohms RMS

1000 W X 1 @ 2 Ohms RMS

Total power

RMS 500 Watts RMS

So does that mean that in the per channel power the 1000w @ 2 ohms is peak or RMS? Because if that is rms, then doesn't that mean that I can hook it up to my one dual 2ohm sub and give it 1000w rms?

I'm thinking I got burned when I bought the 1001bd amp with the hx2, since there is no way to make the amp give out the power that the sub wants.

well the subs im guessing are under 5oo w rms each so wire them @2ohm that amp would power those, if im right if the subs are no more than 500w rms

Here's the deal. If you have dual 2 ohm drivers, you can hook one of them up showing either a 1 ohm or a 4 ohm load to the amplifier. That amp can handle no less than 2 ohms of resistance, so that makes your choice real simple. Wire one sub in series giving the amp a 4 ohm load, letting it provide 500watts RMS to one driver, or get another sub (must be IDENTICAL, dual 2ohm) and run them series-parallel to have a final load of 2 ohms, with the pair seeing 500 watts each.

The most you can get to each sub is 500 watts RMS with that amp, whether you go with one or two subs.

Why is it that I can't wire it at 1 ohm? I went into crazy kileys to buy a different amp, this employee told me that I could just wire it at 1 ohm. And he had everythig to lose by telling me that. I bought the rockford amp somewhere else, and would have to take it back there and then go buy a new amp at crazy kileys, so by telling me to wire it at 1 ohm, he lost ~700$ worth of sales. He said it would still be 1000 watts rms at 1 ohm just like at 2 ohm.

If you run it at 1 ohm, you violate your warranty ... If you choose to do so, make sure it's adequately cooled (get some fans) and make sure you understand how to set the controls properly ... If you don't, I wouldn't risk it ...
How would they know he ran it at 1ohm? It doesnt have SAT or anything....That amp will turn on and off if you run it at 1ohm so dont even bother. Go get another dual 2ohm or get a dual 4ohm...That amp is enough to power virtually any sub adequately.

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