I can't get enough of this.


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Mar 5, 2015
LOL it's disrespectful to stand quietly with a camera? If someone does it with a hidden camera it's somehow not an issue? Gtfo with your exaggerated nonsense
Apparently I need to explain the entire reason he did that project.

1) To show that you're always on camera
Everyone should read this and stfu.. Do you complain when you go to walmart?? They even have small monitors showing you live in the fishing/ camping department, seems nobody has a problem with that let alone the whole store..

I train for and am prepared to defend me and mine. I wager he wouldn't even come my way. Violence would be near the end of my answers to deal with him, the potential for it would be known from the jump. But if he plays stupid games he gets to win stupid prizes.
Soo, you'd beat/stab/shoot a guy to death while he video tapes you?? That would make an interesting case.

Moral of this whole post is that IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!


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