I am confused on which amp!

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Ok I have got 2 Infinity perfect 10's to go in my truck, but I can't seem to figure out what amp I want to run the hole system. I really want quality. Out of these which you like the most??

1. Kicker KX550.3

RMS Power: 40W x 2 + 200W x 1

Bridged RMS Power: 75W x 2 + 400W

2. Rockford Fosgate Power 551X

RMS Power: 70W x 4

Bridged RMS Power: 275W x 2

3. SoundStream PIC4.880


4. SoundStream Rubicon 600-4


I also am confused about the SS amps. I know the Rubicon is suppose to be a nicer amp than the PIC but will it put out more, clean power. Can someone explain the these 2 amps for me please. //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/help.gif.cee8f684da1ba626487a8bc51152e1ec.gif

Rubicon 600-4




that is how i rank them from best to worst. i have never used any SS amps, but from everything i have heard the rubicon line is very nice. sorry i can't help you out with the differences between the 2 SS amps. Try looking up the specs of the 2 amps and comparing them. Maybe try a search in the product review section for those amps. hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply! I think I like the SS amps better, but someone told me the Kicker would put out more power.

I guess I need to decide which SS amp I want.

yeah, ur dumb go with the pg ti 600.2.. best amps ever if u got the cash that is u dumb piece of sh

If you would have read my first post you would see that I said that it would run my hole system. How do you expect a 2 channel amp to run 4 speakers and 2 subs? //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/nono.gif.eca61d170185779e0921b0faa9704973.gif

yeah, ur dumb go with the pg ti 600.2.. best amps ever if u got the cash that is u dumb piece of sh

i once ran a hifonics zx6400 to power a 12" HC, set of components, and a set of 6x9's. i was very pleased. i didn't expect the amp to be able to keep up, but it did. if i were you, i would look into that amp, i was extremely pleased with it. that was probably one of my favorite amps i've ever used.

by the way the amp is 85x4 at 4 ohms and 170x4 at 2ohms. i bridge channel 3/4 to receive 340w to the sub and did the same with channel 1/2 so each speaker in the car received 85w.

I have a SoundStream Reference 604 I may be willing to part with. It is rated at 300x2 at 2 ohms mono, and 75 x4. Those numbers are significantly underrated. It will easily be putting out close to 400 watts on one bridged channel that you can use for the subs, then you can wire the other speakers in paralell to get a 2 ohm stereo load on each side and then each speaker will be getting atleast 90 watts or so. If you are interested contact me via aim in the signature.

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