how to TEST SPEAKER POLARITY in doors...

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I just recently replaced the speakers in the doors of my 96 silverado. However after thinking about i may have hooked up the positive and negative opposite on one of the speakers. Is there anyway to check the polarity by using a voltmeter or something, or do i have to take the doors off and unsreww the speakers and check??

just got a new DVM and wondering if it can help me here.

well, if you can see the cone on the speakers you can try using a AA battery. hook up the wires to the battery, +wire to +battery and -wire to -battery. If the cone moves out then they are wired correctly, if it moves in then switch the polarity and then it will be correct. just don't use too big of a battery or you will do some damage to your speakers. a AA battery will work though.

u r gonnna have to take out the spk anyways.

but if u didn't hook it up right, it would soudn out of phase, meaning like crap

can anyone answer this question. i hooked up my back speakers and it sounds fine but when i fade it to the bacj, and then to the back left speaker it cuts out the tweeter. any ideas on how to correct this? or should i just not be lazy and open my door and check the wiring? //

well on tha year g.m truck,the positive wires are the light colors of the 2 in each door,and the rear is opposite it will be the drk colors light blue is positive and brown is positive in the rears,light green,and tan will be the positives in the front doors,hope this helps.

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