How to see head units performing various functions?


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I'm in the market for a new head unit for my Cadillac Escalade EXT (with Bose). I've been looking at a bunch of H/U's, but I'm not seeing any demos available. I want to see how the various functions work. Things like; what's the folder layout to access files on a USB stick? How many characters is a file name allowed? Can the screen go dark(er) at night? Is the screen display customizable? Plenty of other things too.

The interweb seems to have just about everything nowadays, so is there a site that has demos of various H/U's in action?


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Try the manufacturer's site or youtube. Manufacturers often have the owners manual and that should have the info you're looking for.

Yeah, you'd think they'd have good demos.... and they do have some... but not what I'm looking for. I've seen some on YouTube (by regular citizens) that are more thorough, so I've been watching a bunch of those.

My biggest pet peeve is locating audio files........... I mostly listen to material (music and podcasts) from a USB stick, and I want to see how easy (or difficult) it is to navigate through numerous folders and files to find what I'm looking for WITHOUT having to memorize the name of every darn file. ;)

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