How to pick a good subwoofer amplifier combo?

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I've recently acquired an f-150 and I'm looking at installing a subwoofer box for 2 12in subs under the back seat. I'm currently trying to find the best 2 12in subwoofers and amplifier to go with them. Just looking for ant recommendations.


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Not sure what type of space you have under the seats. If space happens to be an issue then I’d check out JL Audio TW5v2 13.5” Subs. I have the 10” 10TW1-2 and it sounds great.
So these are going to be slim subs?

Are you going with a prefabbed enclosure? If so that tells you your mounting depth limits. If not, have you measured, and planned your box yet?

Are you prepared to add a larger alternator? Could be $200-$600.

What is your budget?

So you haven't yet bought your amp, subs or enclosure yet? - If not, generally you can get more bang for your buck, trying to plan for 1 ohm. You wire them in parallel to bring down your ohm rating. Many subs have two options in ohm ratings. For 2 subs, you want either 4 ohm DVC, or 2 ohm SVC subs, and you can wire them down to 1 ohm.
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Shallow mount subs like those recommended are a favorite of truck owners. Typically the space under the seat is wide but “shallow” from bottom of seat to floor. Many times people have the best luck staying w the same brand equipment. Often they’re built to compliment each other.
I can’t speak to anything but Rockford but they have the “punch” series of amps and subs. The power the higher output amp matches the capability of 2 subs perfectly. I suspect this is true among other brands. The fine tuning is definitely a consideration once the system is installed.
A 1000 watt amp provides 1000watts. Two 500watt subs equal 1000 meaning that’s a match. 20% higher or lower is tolerable. Often ppl find that having head room or extra power on hand from the amp is desirable. Upgrades down the rd or whatever. The subwoofers Ohm load is a consideration as well.
Box to put the subs in requires measuring, decisions on several factors.
I don’t think shallow subs are capable of playing as deep as their regular cousins.
You could set a box w regular 10s, 12s or 15s on that rear seat. If you want to use the seat for seating then you’d likely want them under that backseat.
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