How to match SLA? Updated with more questions

Slayer16102 Newbie
Mar 10, 2019
Can someone please explain SLA to me.
What I want to know is should I be setting SLA to +4 or leaving it at the default of 0.

Does SLA at 4 with my subwoofer speaker level set at 10 make the overall bass and volume louder at the max volume of 41 or is it the same volume output with SLA at 0 and the subwoofer speaker level at 0 when the volume reaches 59. The reason I ask is, because the max clean volume changes when I set them differently.

I am trying to understand which one is better to use. I prefer lots of bass and hard hits. I primarily listen to rap and rock. The bass seems to hit harder with SLA at 4 and the subwoofer speaker level at 10. During my testing I discovered the following results.

With SLA on 0 and my subwoofer speaker level at 0 my clean volume is 59.
With SLA on 4 and my subwoofer speaker level at 10 for more bass output my clean volume is reduced to 41.
I can run it either way with an undistorted volume at 41 or 59 depending on which way SLA and my subwoofer speaker level is set, but what I don't know is which way is the proper way to set it for the best bass output?

I'm also wondering if its best to leave my subwoofer speaker level at 0 or if its best put it all the way up at 10.
It seems to hit less with the subwoofer speaker level on 0, but again my clean volume is all the way at 59 out of 62.

Sorry for the crazy questions, but I really need some advice on which setting is best to use for good bass output.
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