How do i Connect two 2ohm Speakers and one 8 ohm speaker to the same channel on my 2-4ohm amp?

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i have 8 2ohm 100w midbass speakers and 4 8ohm 35w tweeters and a 4-channel amp (150w 4ohm / 300w 2ohm)
how do i wire this? (im a complete beginner... pls help)
I don't think it's that easy to answer "for a complete beginner".
amp and speakers ratings are those peak or RMS?

Are these already installed?

There's a chance it might be better to wire that differently. Especially if there's not pass filters or crossover involved here. I would want to know if wiring the 8 mids in series so it's 2 mids per channel on that amp. Then separately wiring the tweeters in parallel so it's 2 tweets per channel and either running something around a 70w x 2 little amp for those, or if you have a 50w x 4 head unit that would be perfect for those. This way would allow you to add pass filters either inline, on the amp, or even on the head unit to really control that frequency range on all the speakers. I would be really hesitant about just wiring tweeters up with mids without a filter/crossover.
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